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What is SET?

The SET is a private nonprofit and nongovermental organization dedicated to teaching and training new players in Portugal.

What does SeT?

Our main function of the distribution and coordination and eTutores eTutorados. The eTutores will do their best to answer your questions and show you the most important component of this game, the interaction with the community.

How does it do?

SeT's work is made possible by the valuable assistance of all our play that brilliantly eTutores volunteer work for the good of their eTutorados and thus for the good of the whole community. Upon receiving a request for help Tutoring I want to be the SeT eTutor assign a list of available. Both eTutors eTutored and are evaluated based on their performance over the month since there is an oversight on the part of the development of both SeT.

How can you enjoy the services of SeT?

It is simple, thanks to the volunteer work of all the service is totally free and we can assure you of great quality too. You just have to send a message I want to be Tutoring and we'll do the rest. You only have to have the will, you need this to help a click away.

How can you help SeT?

If you believe you have potential to be eTutor sends a message I want to be a Tutor ! We will be happy to assess your application and if they meet the minimum requirements raisins eTutores to the list of assets. If you have any suggestions, links that you would have to be advertised in this newspaper, or any item or topic that you think should be released by the Journal of SeT please do not hesitate to contact: Suggestions