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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 251
Date of birth May 15, 2012
Residence Canada
Political party Crimson Cavalry
Newspaper A Rookie's Foolish Ideas
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
January 5, 2013 – February 5,2013
Served under Rylde
November 5, 2012 – December 5,2012
Served under ElPatoDiablo
vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
October 5, 2012 – November 5,2012
Served under ElPatoDiablo
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
September 5, 2012 – October 5,2012
Served under Wally Cleaver
July 5, 2012 – August 5,2012
Served under Rylde
Congressman of Canada
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Supreme Marshall***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Shoi12 is citizen of Canada.

Political Career

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)

Shoi12 has quickly risen to a level of high accord in Canada, and has earned a spot in many cabinets as Minister of Foreign Affairs . He has served the following terms:

  • July 2012 Icon-Canada.png Minister of Foreign Affairs - CP Rylde
  • September 2012 Icon-Canada.png Minister of Foreign Affairs - CP Wally Cleaver
  • October 2012 Icon-Canada.png Deputy MoFA - CP ElPatoDiablo
  • November 2012 Icon-Canada.png Minister of Foreign Affairs - CP ElPatoDiablo
  • January 2013 Icon-Canada.png Minister of Foreign Affairs - CP Rylde

He has shown himself to be very reliable and surprisingly hardworking while serving Canada.


A Rookie's Foolish Ideas

Shoi's first article "Introduction" appeared in the New World on Day 1643, in his newspaper A Rookie's Foolish Ideas. He took the Canadian media world by storm, starting in the summer when he had tons of free time, posting daily articles for a long period of time. His articles have been widespread, amassing over 750 subscribers in less than 8 months, although he claims that 300 of the subscribers come from ilphen's devious subscriber buying. He has since backed off the promise of daily articles due to school, but still manages to post an article during the work week as well as a Saturday article and a Sunday article.

His most popular article, "Dear Plato, All I Want for Christmas...; An eRepublik Improvement List", has garnered 216 votes, and his articles normally sustain at least 30 votes.[1]

He has stuck true to his promise of weekly Saturday and Sunday articles, with occasional breaks due to personal reasons (re: lethargy). His Saturday article, "Weekly Power Rankings", details the top and bottom 5 performance for countries during the week from his perspective. His Sunday article, "Around the World", covers the various fronts and wars taking place, with before and after pictures for each war. Both weekend articles also feature music of a wide variety, from mainstream music from Owl City to anime music from Haruhi Suzumiya. While he chooses the music for his Saturday article, he offers his viewers the choice of music for the Sunday article. He has since added graphical art to accompany every article.

He has since transformed his first article, "Introduction", into an archive of nearly all his articles and work, also renaming it "Introduction and Archives".

His trademark sign-off phrase, "Until next time, take care!", has been used since the very beginning.

Topic Schedule

  • Monday-Friday: An Article/Random Requests
  • Saturday: Weekly Power Rankings
  • Sunday: Around the World
  • 15th: Gold Sweepstakes


Hard Worker Medal (16)
Super Soldier Medal (37)
Battle Hero (25)
True Patriot (9)
Mercenary (x1)