Ян Лысы

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Ян Лысы

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Nationality Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarusian
Date of birth Mar 24, 2011
Date of death 2012
Sex Male
Newspaper Narodnaia Volia of NW
Party president of Narodnaja Hramada
16.05.2011 – 15.06.2011
Preceded by Lanckaron
Succeeded by Nik Amerman
Congress member of Belarus
26.05.2011 – 25.06.2011
26.09.2011 – Unknown
Minister of Information of Belarus
06.07.2011 – 05.08.2011
06.09.2011 – 05.11.2011
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ян Лысы was citizen of Belarus.


Was born in 1220 day (24.03.2011) of New World in Nebraska (USA). Soon he met through the virtual contact with some residents of the nationalist circles of Belarus. He realized his duty is to his real home, and with the financial assistance of his new friends flew to Belarus and then granted citizenship.

Here he opened his nationalist newspaper "Narodnaia Volia of NW" and joined the ranks of the party Narodnaja Hramada. But there he was able to spend only two days, after which Belarus has fallen First Baltic War. Lithuania with Latvia divided Belarus among themselves, and almost a month Ян Лысы was a partisan, and undermining the economy of the invaders.

After the liberation of Belarus with help of Ukraine, he wrote his first feature literary work "Прыбалтыйская балада". It is a national heritage of the Belorussian culture. Belarus has started to be released, but the idyll did not last long. In the near future Belarus has paid its union with Ukraine - Turkey declared war against Belarus. After this, the military events were more serious, than Baltic one. From the Baltic to the Black Sea from the Atlantic to the Pacific. How will this war be called, is still unknown. The main thing is that it is not over yet!

Meanwhile, Ян Лысы was awarded with the title "Vice Commander of Belarus War Academy". This happened 08.05.2011 and lasted until 01.06.2011. When this Commander was banned, 02.06.2011 Ян Лысы became the "Commander of Belarus War Academy" and began it's development. Now he isn't a Commander of BWA, but he is helping it. Also, Ян Лысы 16.05.2011 won party elections and became Party President of Narodnaja Hramada.

26.05.2011 Ян Лысы won by far the election of the Congress and became a Congress Member of Belarus. He is currently engaged in plans to improve the living conditions of Belorussian-speaking population of Belarus, and protects in Congress the nationalist circles of the society.

02.07.2011 at the request of Ян Лысы to this WIKI was added Belorussian language. Thus, the first goal was accomplished!



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Freedom Fighter (x0)
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Hard Worker (x15)
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Congress Member (x9)
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Media Mogul (x1)
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Super Soldier (x20)
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True Patriot (x7)
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