African Dignity Front

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African Dignity Front

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation ADF
Forum [1]
Founded December 2009
Dissolved unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Black Lion Front
Succeeded By n/a
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The African Dignity Front was considered by many to be a revival of the Black Lion Front. The party had a similar ideology to that of its predecessor and placed a strong emphasis on neutrality, education and integrity.


The Dignity Brigade, a force lead by South Africans and former South Africans, decided in November to create a party to maintain their ideals at home. The idea was originally conceived by Ali Mentary but was subsequently passed on to Oceanus, ultimately leading to the majority of the work involving the creation of the party to fall into the hands of Ryan Dagari. After agreeing on a platform, the party was founded under the name "African Dignity Front", a name which represented their strong belief in honest politics.

The party, which was expected to shake up South African politics similar to it's father party, Black Lion Front, unfortunately didn't gain much ground in South Africa. It was operational for three months and whilst they made a moderate run to cement a position in congress, they were unable to win any seats.

The African Dignity Front was dissolved in February 2010 together with many other South African parties when Harvad University retreated all the country's regions to Brazil.

Mission Statement

The party's mission statement has been kept for historic purposes.


The party understands the vitality of wellness in both industry and warfare and believes that it is critical that all active citizens in South Africa have a "high" wellness(considered by the Front to be 90 or above), and if they cannot support themselves due to whatever issue, they can be aided by the establishment.

The ADF believes that it is the government's - not a company's - job to ensure that all workers have viable wellness and, in order to fund gifting and food schemes, capital should be diverted from the military to such projects.

The Front believes that the "SAHC" works efficiently; however South Africa needs to make sure its citizens know who to communicate to when they are in need. It believes South Africa cannot have citizens with low wellness or else the nation will be less productive in all sectors. They believe South Africa needs to make it public and constantly advertise the fact that the SAHC is ready and willing to help for no charge.


The ADF believes the educational facilities of the government have always been vastly ignored and side-lined. They think that whenever someone is appointed in a position it seems as though it is started on but little action is ever taken. They believe it is a very important part of South Africa to not live in the country's past but to still remember and respect it so as to not allow South Africans to repeat mistakes that have already been made. They think that is the whole point about remembering history, living and learning. The ADF have stated that they are distraught to see a vast amount of South Africa's population are completely ignorant about the region's past, their entire lives revolving around the little time they have lived in the country. The Front believe "there has been a very rich, detailed, and at some points, bland history that follows South Africa" and think it needs to be embraced so that the future leaders of the country can see where they are headed.

They believe South Africa needs to have public eRepublik articles regularly released; they would suggest every week or two, detailing the entire history of eSA in an easy to consume form. Putting emphasis on our past invasions, key moments in our history both the high points and the low ones, and details displaying the evolving nation that is eSA. They think that just copying the eSA wiki is not good enough, and rather we need to write up a history that can be read, understood, enjoyed, and digested.

The ADF believes people need to want to know our history; That ignorance can easily lead to another disaster yet it is one of the easiest problems to fix.


The ADF thinks immigration is a double-edged sword as it can have both positive and negative impacts to South Africa. On the one hand immigration brings in a higher workforce, creates diversity and allows our civil militia to become more powerful. However the ADF preach that it also brings politicians who know little to nothing of our history and our way of life. They think this is one reason why education is such a very important area to fund and dedicate time to since with it South Africans can make sure that new potential politicians know just what South Africa has experience in the past, and understand why certain things are the way they are.

An example they show is the kind of outrage that occurs with immigrants over the “Golden 10”… The party states that "new citizens and immigrants often know nothing of our past so they seek to change something that should not be touched. People must know why certain things are done, and the best way to do that is to make sure people have a constant update on what has happened to our country over the past, almost two years now."