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Ajay Bruno

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth 29 Apr 09 - Day 526
Date of death 18 Oct 09 - Day 698
Residence Limpopo
Sex Male
Ambassador to Canada of USA
May 10th, 2009 – May 26th, 2009
Assistant Vice President of Conservative Party
June 15, 2009 – June 24, 2009
Party president of Conservative Victory Party
July 20, 2009 – August 15, 2009
Succeeded by Jaxon Leith
Congress member of South Africa
August 25, 2009 – October 2009 (est)
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ajay Bruno was a former United States Ambassador to Canada as well as the publisher of the conservative newspaper, The Patriot Post. He was an active member of the Conservative Party, the Conservative Victory Party, and the African National Alliance Party, having been Party president in the latter two. In May, 2009, he made a much hyped run for Congress. On May 18, 2009, he announced his intention on seeking the Colorado Senate seat, challenging an incumbent in the America's Advancement Party.

On May 26, 2009 Ajay Bruno was named the Assistant Vice President by of the Conservative Victory Party by President Mattoze5. This made him third-in-command in the party hierarchy for a short time next to Party Vice President Cromstar. On this same day, he also resigned as Ambassador to Canada. During the May 2009 Presidential Primary, Ajay, who was less than a month old, drew over 200 votes for the primary elections.

Ultimately he was permanently suspended for using multiple accounts; a fact that, for anyone who knows him, is not surprising.

May, 2009 Congressional Race

By May 25th 2009, Ajay, still not a month old, was beginning to develop a reputation but was still largely unheard of. He claimed the race between himself and America's Advancement Party Incumbent Aang Airbender would be a close one. Two days before the elections, a foreigner by the name of Finnier moved in. Early tallies suggested that it would be a close battle between Airbender and Bruno until later in the afternoon a shocking number of votes went to Finnier. In a five hour period he picked up 12, with Airbender and Bruno only picking up 2 in that time. In the end, Finnier was able to push his numbers up to 18, with Airbender running 2nd at 13, and Bruno finishing closely behind with 12. The UIP candidate JoJo Prince had only 2 votes and the USWP candidate Wally Lean had just 1.

Conservative Party Leadership

On June 16th, 2009, Bruno assumed his position as third-in-command in the Conservative Party hierarchy as Assistant Party Vice President and as a member of the Party Council. Though he claims he resigned afterwards, he was dismissed on June 24th due to breaking agreements with Party President Mattoze5 and for not fulfilling his office obligations.

June, 2009 Congressional Campaign

On June 2nd, 2009, Bruno stated that he would seek the Senate seat from Colorado once again upon hearing of the news of Finnier's permanent ban for the voter fraud that had caused his surprising "win" in the May election[1]. Ajay Bruno unfortunately finished a surprising third on the elections.

July, 2009 Presidential Campaign

On June 22nd, 2009, Bruno announced his intention to seek the nomination of the Conservative Party for the Presidency of the United States[2]. Other candidates included Conservative Party members Rhane and Dodgercatcher, as well as Libertarian Party President and Bruno arch-rival, Claire Littleton. With majority votes by the members of the party Bruno was named the nominee of the Conservative Party for the July, 2009 Election on June 26, 2009, however after an investigation by Mattoze5 and Dodgercatcher it was revealed that an undisclosed number of votes for Ajay had been fraudulent and the primary was nullified with the endorsement eventually going to Emerick[3][4][5].

July, 2009 Party Presidential Campaign

After being denied the Presidential nomination he had "earned" because of allegedly cheating[6], Bruno announced that he would challenge Mattoze5[7] in the Party Presidential elections. Bruno had advocated for a reformation of Conservative principles, as well as reaching out to outspoken members of the party and potential new members to expand its power and influence. On July 6th, 2009, Former Party President Ron Paul endorsed Bruno which gave his campaign a huge boost[8]. After a long day at the polls, incumbent Party President Mattoze5 sealed his victory. It is important to note that, while Ajay Bruno accused Mattoze5 of collaborating with groups as wide-ranging as the USWP and America's Advancement Party, and even the PEACE Global Community to gain votes, Ajay himself admitted to trying to bring in foreign votes as well[9]. This caused many to claim that Ajay only wished to see his own rules applied to others, and would do whatever it took to win the CvP Party President seat. Afterwards, he was claiming to be in the process of starting his own party. This eventually led to the Conservative Victory Party.

Conservative Victory Party Leadership

In mid July, after his controversial defeat to Mattoze5 for the PP seat of the Conservative Party, Ajay went on to found a new party, the Conservative Victory Party[10]. The party grew quickly[11], due to the popularity of trolling Ajay Bruno. During the next several weeks, the party also gained its first Congress member, maxpayne50[12]. However, it was not to last. At the end of Ajay's first and unelected term as PP, he lost the Party President election to Jaxon Leith.

At this point, Ajay Bruno had finally had enough of losing in American politics. He then headed to South Africa. He attributed his leaving to the continuing efforts by other parties to keep him out of major leadership positions. It should be noted that since Bruno's departure, the CvP dropped significantly in members (whom some attribute to being Ajay's CONFIRMED multi accounts) but has bounced back to being of of the USA's top 5 parties. During the brief existence of the Conservative Victory Party, Bruno was also a candidate in the August, 2009 US Presidential elections, where he took second to last place with 331 votes, or 7.34% of the tally in a five-way race with three major opponents.

South Africa

Almost immediately as Ajay Bruno arrived in South Africa with his close supporters (among them Dutch Marley and maxpayne50), he was met with stiff resistance from the South African people. Claiming to be a naturalized South African himself[13], he proceeded to call Ines Schumacher, the woman who had brought about the rebirth of SA, "a xenophobic virtual dictator"[14], calling her aides and cabinet "goons, [15] communists, henchmen, insane,[16] tyrants,[17] corrupt,[18] and a PTO in their own country", [19] all the while complaining of personal attacks directed at him.[20]

Nonetheless, Ajay Bruno managed to rally enough votes to become his party's only congressman during the August 2009 election. There was a petition on the South African forums to have Bruno unofficially removed from Congress and blocked from the Congress board on that forums. Stated reasons include the continued suspicion of PTO, lack of cooperation with government officials and policy, and general incompetency. Several dozen people signed the petition, but it ultimately lacked staying power. Still, after another month, Ajay Bruno tried to have democratically elected President Steven Bosch impeached[21] and Icon - Gold.gif 50 GOLD transferred to one of his org accounts, Patriot Enterprises[22]. Both of these measures failed miserably, and it was not long after that Ajay Bruno was ban-hammered for multi-accounting.

Banning from Erepublik

On October 18,2009 Ajay Bruno was officially banned from Erepublik along with his multiple accounts, including Barnabas Stinson and Silas Benjamin.


Although there was never confirmed reincarnation of Ajay, there were some unconfirmed sightings of him, including:

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