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In The People of the Game (Part 1), Albert Neurath summarizes what he believes the six different "generations" of eRepublik players. Starting with the Beta age and ending with today, he includes important events and players who have defined and pioneered their age group. These are the players and generations who left their mark on eRepublik history. Some have left, and some have stayed. But whatever they have done, the world today can be traced back to those before us, soldiers and politicians alike.

Part 1: Demographics

As we approach the second year of eRepublik's existence, we can look back and see history unfold behind us. It has truly been a marvelous trip to this point, full of pitfalls, dashed hopes, alliances, occupations, and the like.

As eHistory has progressed, so have the generations of players to live it. Each generation is responsible for a little (or big) part of the history of this world. These groups are:

1. The Early Betans (Days 0-180). These men and women were the pioneers, the ones responsible for shaping the early history of the game. This time period saw the creation of the first ever central bank by Korbin King of the USA, the first war fought on the face of the New World, and the beginnings of some of eRepublik's longest lasting traditions. Every player born after this period owes at least a small part of their eLife to these early leaders. Although many of the Early Betans have long since retired or dropped from the face of the eWorld, some are still with us to this day. Examples of these people are Benn Dover, Durruti, and Dio Brando.

2. The Late Betans (Days 181-340). These players, more numerous and active today than the Early Betans, today make up many of the "old guard" players. The Late Beta period was, in contrast to the formative years of the early months, a time of consolidation and formation. The first global wars swept the world during this time, and the alliance structures that would eventually become ATLANTIS and PEACE were forming. Many of the customs of this period survive to this day, and famous late Betans still roam the world. Examples of these people are Scrabman, Vincent Garibaldi, and GLaDOS.

3. The Transitionals (Days 341-380). These players were those who joined up either right before or right after the release of V1. This generation of players is notable because they did not, for the most part, have a chance to play the game as it was in the Beta days. However, in spite of this, these players were often some of the first to become acquainted with the new rules (5/5 Supershot anyone?), and remain active in government to this day. Transitional players got the best of both worlds, as they had the guidance of most of the early Betans, while still managing to exert an influence on the development of later generations. Examples of Transitionals are the author, Sebahmah, and Quicksilver.

4. The Boomers (Days 381-520). This group is the group that is currently both most active in-game and most influential in politics. As the three earlier generations have faded into the background as watchers and guides, it is the Boomers who became the leaders of the countries, the declarers of the wars, and the merchants of the eWorld. This time period was an exciting one, as PEACE and ATLANTIS were by now fully formed and revved to go. This time was the time of the two great empires, Romania and Indonesia, whose wars against one another laid waste to large swaths of the world. If you are a player born after Day 620, it is probably a boomer that gave you your first guidance into this brave new world. Examples of Boomers are Woxan, Mr Woldy, and Harrison Richardson (actually Franco, an early Late Boomer, but included here for historical purposes).

5. The Rank and File (Days 521-620). As the name suggests, these players are the bread and butter of eRepublik. Growing up in a time when many of the old Betans had retired or stepped into the shadows, this generation grew up under the primary guidance of Transitionals and Boomers. This generation is in terms of numbers one of the larger ones, having been born in a time of shifting superalliances, and the runup to the Great Invasion of the United States. Rank-and-Filers were the primary [sic] soldiers of the armies in the ongoing conflict, and shall fully take over the mantle of leadership when the Boomers finally decide to begin retiring. Although the oldest of these citizens are about 200 days old, they are still an emerging class coming to the peak of their power.

6. The Scions of War (Days 621-current). This generation, the newest and least-experienced, gains its name because they were born in a time of almost constant conflict. This time was the time of the near-destruction of the USA and other major global conflicts, and, as such, these new players were thrust into battle at an early age.

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