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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 23 September 2008 (Day 308)
Date of death End of 2015 (est)
Residence West Virginia
Sex Male
Newspaper A Civil Society
President of USA
22 March 2009 – 5 July 2009
Preceded by Uncle Sam
Succeeded by Harrison Richardson
Congress member of British Columbia
26 August 2009 – 25 November 2009 (est)
Preceded by koolmanjack
Minister of Justice of Canada
6 October 2009 – 5 November 2009
Preceded by Goran Thrax
Succeeded by Eldorino
Congress member of Alaska
26 July 2009 – 25 August 2009
Preceded by Chris Stanwick
Succeeded by JusTaNooB
Congress member of West Virginia
26 November 2008 – 22 March 2009
Preceded by Jeremy Slider
Succeeded by hokiehigh
Party president of United States Workers Party
2 January 2009 – 15 February 2009
Preceded by ProggyPop
Succeeded by ProggyPop
Legal Director of United States Workers Party
November 2008 – March 2009
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

scrabman (aka scrab) was a Icon-Canada.png Canadian politician who served as a longtime politician and President of the United States of America before his move to Canada. Before his presidency, scrab served several terms in the US Congress and as the Party president of the United States Workers Party. After his retirement in July 2009, he moved to Canada and has served several terms in the Canadian Parliament and on several positions in the government. scrabman has since returned to the USA, his home region of West Virginia where he stayed til the end of his eLife.

Early Biography

Born on 23 September 2008 in West Virginia, scrabman immediately became an active newspaper editor, publishing an article every day during his first few weeks in the New World. By his third day, scrab had joined the US National Guard, which paid in those days, and was training every day to gain strength. As soon as he was able, he joined the USWP, becoming active on their forum and assisting other players with wellness and advice. Within a few weeks, he had gained enough strength to join the US Army, and served overseas against Indonesia. After V1 was implemented in mid-October 2008, scrab decided to run for Congress as a USWP candidate. However, a change in the experience point formula disqualified him the day before the election.

Shortly after this first V1 Congress elections, scrabman was appointed the Legal Director of the USWP. He began to prepare for a second Congressional campaign in November 2008 under the new election system in which candidates ran locally in each state rather than nationally. Also in November, scrab was promoted to Lieutenant of Platoon 3 of the India Company in the US Army by Joeph Cole, Colonel of the Third Division. As commanding officer of the platoon, he promoted Killing Time as his platoon sergeant, recommending him for the India Company Quartermaster position as well. Notable American citizens Inwegen, Joe DaSmoe, Amrandez, and William Shafer all served under scrab in Platoon 3.

In the November election, scrabman won the West Virginia seat with 10 votes against Jivar0z of the Libertarian Party. During his first of many terms in Congress, scrab participated in almost every debate, becoming a respected politician. He continued serving in the Army during his tenure in Congress, participating in Operation French Toast. By the December elections, scrab had made a name for himself and was asked to assist in the rewriting of the US Constitution by Emerick. Working with NoneSuch, the two rewrote many sections of the constitution to include changes that V1 brought about.

The December election was equally successful, with scrabman winning re-election with 7 votes against changewillcome of the AAP. He continued to dedicate much of his time to finding workable solutions to the problems facing the US while working on the constitution rewrite. Shortly after the New Year, scrab became the interim Party president of the USWP after the resignation of Rocco Baldelli. This unexpected event thrust him into a new aspect of eRep politics, which he undertook with the same energy as his Congressional duties. Two weeks into the new year, he successfully ran and won the party presidency on his own merit, having demonstrated his ability in the position during the two weeks preceding the election.

The January Congressional elections saw scrabman returned unopposed to Congress. As the president of the largest political party in the New World, an esteemed Congressman, a competent military leader, and a highly active player, there were considerations that scrab would run for country president in February 2009. Although he declined the opportunity, the prospect had been presented and prepared him for a future run the following month. He declined to run for party president in February, resulting in ProggyPop winning the election. On 25 February, scrab ran a close race against RedRooste of the Libertarian Party, winning by only two votes.

Following his February Congressional victory, scrab began planning his presidential campaign for March. He published eight articles in A Civil Society, his newspaper, regarding his platform and policies. Selecting PrincessMedyPi, Congresswoman from Alaska, as his running mate, scrab faced a difficult campaign against an incumbent president, Uncle Sam. In the five-way race, scrab took the second-highest number of votes and over twenty-five percent of the turnout. Despite the loss on 5 March, scrab would become president only a few weeks later and turn that circumstance into a lengthy presidential career.


scrabman served as the President of the United States from 22 March 2009, when Uncle Sam was impeached, until his retirement from office on 5 July 2009, making him the longest serving president in the history of the United States. Due to the length of his administration and his grasp of game mechanics, scrab was able to implement almost every program he outlined in his campaign articles. His successes in office continued long past his retirement, especially the strengthening of the military and creation of a federal budget.

The scrabman Cabinet
Office Name Term
President scrabman 22 March 2009–5 July 2009
Vice president PrincessMedyPi 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Moishe 6 April 2009–5 June 2009
Bastion 6 June 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of State Inwegen 22 March 2009–20 May 2009
Harrison Richardson 20 May 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of Treasury Benn Dover 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
hokiehigh 6 April 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of Defense Moishe 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Leroy Combs 6 April 2009–5 June 2009
tdwester 6 June 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of Citizen Affairs GoBucks 22 March 2009–5 May 2009
Cerb 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
Economic Council Chairman Ananias 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
One Eye 6 April 2009–5 July 2009
Welcoming Committee Director PrincessMedyPi 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Ananias 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
ClammyJim 6 April 2009–5 May 2009
ligtreb 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
Meals on Wheels Director AidenAstrup 22 March 2009–5 May 2009
SirEkim 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
White House Press Secretary Claire Littleton 6 April 2009–5 May 2009
mjdiv 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of Commerce Equality 7-2521 6 May 2009–5 June 2009
Secretary of Interparty Relations Aren Perry 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs Huskerguy77 6 May 2009–5 July 2009
Secretary of Education Tiacha 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Bill Brasky 6 April 2009–5 May 2009
HeadmistressTalia 6 May 2009–5 June 2009
Tiacha 6 June 2009–5 July 2009
United States Quartermaster General Navy 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Kyle321n 6 April 2009–5 June 2009
Secretary of Fun Sam Wystan 6 April 2009–5 May 2009
Chisholm 6 May 2009–5 June 2009
Crut 6 June 2009–5 July 2009
Chief of staff hokiehigh 22 March 2009–5 April 2009
Tiacha 6 April 2009–5 May 2009
AidenAstrup 6 May 2009–20 May 2009
Inwegen 20 May 2009–5 July 2009
Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Eugene Harlot 6 April 2009–5 July 2009

First Term (March 2009)

Over the course of the month of March 2009, the political, economic, military, and business situation in the United States grew grim. By 22 March, Uncle Sam had been impeached by Congress and scrab found himself the new president. Quickly forging ahead with his agenda of transparency and accountability, military funding, and a standardized federal budget, scrab appointed a new Cabinet within hours of assuming the office.

Transparency of Government

During his two weeks of the first term, scrabman fulfilled his first campaign promise to return control of the nation's money to Congress. Before this point, the president controlled the Fort Knox Federal Reserve, which resulted in abuse in earlier administrations. scrab transferred control of the organization, which housed most of the nation's treasury, to the leadership of Congress, which proposes and votes for all economic legislation. This fulfilment also related to his next achievement, the creation of a federal budget.

Federal Budget

Prior to the scrabman administration, the budget of the United States was a very unorganized affair. Cabinet members would ask for funds from the president to fulfil their duties or Congress would recommend that funds be used for various purposes. scrab promised to create a standardized federal budget during his administration to regulate and track the flow of funds from the treasury to projects. With his prodding, a federal budget was created and managed by Congress. It included funding for infrastructure purchases, military provisioning, and new citizen programs, with a surplus set aside for future use. The budget format established by the scrabman initiative continues to be used in the United States to this day.

New Jersey Hospital

One of his first acts as president was to propose the placement of a Q5 hospital in New Jersey. Before this placement, the only Q5 hospital in the United States was located in Florida. The New Jersey hospital gave the nation another hub for fighting and defense. New Jersey became a population center until its occupation by Russia during the Great War of 2009, at which time the hospital was destroyed.

Baja War Games

At the time that scrab took office, the United States was at war with Mexico. The fighting had ended a week before scrab became president, but Publius had begun negotiations with Mexico to institute war games in Baja. The Baja war games took effect after scrab took office and provided regular battles three times a week from the end of March until 4 May 2009. The success of these games led to the future war games with Ireland that began on 5 May 2009. The result of the war games was the strengthening of the American population and the better organization of the military after a long period of decline and disorganization. The United States continued to participate in regular war games until the start of the Great War of 2009 in mid-July 2009.

Election Campaign

Following the successes of his three main agenda items, scrabman ran for a full term in the April 2009 presidential election. He ran with an agenda of continuing the war games, finalizing the federal budget, creating the position of White House Press Secretary, and continued work on the national economy. In the race against John Jay (AAP), Desertfalcon (CvP), Vice President PrincessMedyPi (UIP), and Nathan Woods (USGreen), scrabman won 43% of the vote, ensuring his election to a full term on 5 April 2009.

Second Term (April 2009)

With the election behind him, scrab set out to complete the tasks left unfinished before the election and start the new ones mentioned in his campaign articles. He made a few changes to his Cabinet and appointed a Secretary of Fun, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a White House Press Secretary.

War with Portugal & Mexico

The war in Mexico that had led to the war games originally started as an attempt to stop a Portuguese invasion of the nation. During the first half of his second term in office, scrab worked on a diplomatic end to the war with Portugal, hoping to achieve a peace agreement with Portugal and a non-aggression pact with Mexico. Although the President of Portugal, Arthk, would not agree to close the war with the US, he agreed to return Mexico's regions and end Portuguese aggression in Mexico. scrab also negotiated with the Mexican president to end the Baja war games and return the region to Mexico.

Shortly before the May election, the Congresses of both the United States and Mexico approved the peace proposal between the two nations, ending America's war with Mexico and its eight allies. This meant that the southern border of the US was secure, trade could resume between the US and the nine nations, and the US was able to focus on other world regions that were becoming hot spots for war. Despite the peace agreement with Mexico, the war status with Portugal remained open, although relations between the two nations were cordial at the time.

Irish War Games

Throughout his second term, scrabman had Harrison Richardson begin looking into starting new war games to replace the Baja War Games that would come to an end when the war with Mexico was closed. Harrison arranged for the start of war games with Ireland to begin in May 2009, but the Raleigh Treaty between Ireland and the United Kingdom caused problems that were only resolved by an agreement between Prime Minister Bruck of Canada and Taoiseach Nithraldur of Ireland on the advice of sebahmah of Romania. By late April, scrabman approved the start of the war games, with Ireland attacking a region in either the United States or Canada, with all the MPPs of those two nations involved. The Irish War Games began on 5 May 2009 and were extremely successful until the start of the Great War of 2009.

Re-election Campaign

During the campaign season for the May 2009 presidential election, scrab declined to actively campaign, choosing instead to run on the experience and achievements of his first six weeks in office. The tactic paid off, with scrab receiving 60% of the vote against Kyle321n (CvP) and NoneSuch (UIP). He was re-elected with 1695 votes, the most ever in his political career.

Third Term (May 2009)

Entering his third term as president, scrabman created several new positions on the Cabinet, notably Deputy Secretary of State, Secretary of Interparty Relations, and Secretary of Commerce. May saw a great deal of continuity with former scrabman Cabinets, with many members continuing service in their April posts. Of note was the retirement of Claire Littleton as Press Secretary and the appointment of mjdiv, who has continued to serve in that position to this day.

Far Eastern Russia

On 13 May 2009, the United States attacked Far Eastern Russia during coinciding attacks between PEACE and ATLANTIS elsewhere in the New World. The US fought alone against Russia and her nine MPPs. Throughout the first day of the battle, US soldiers inflicted considerable damage, taking the wall down into the underground. However, Russian forces regrouped overnight and reversed the American lead, eventually securing the region by only 30,000 damage. Far Eastern Russia was the only battle between Russia and the United States during that world conflict and a tenuous status quo between the two nations existed until the Great War of 2009. A peace agreement was not signed after the battle, however, leaving the United States open to attack in July 2009.

Sweden-Germany War

Shortly after the battle for Far Eastern Russia, the United States was drawn into the Third Sweden-Germany War on 18 May 2009. Swedish President Kalle Holm had campaigned for office on the agenda of war with Germany, even though Germany had been accepted as a member of ATLANTIS the month before. Making good on his campaign promise, Kalle declared war on Germany in mid-May and invaded, forcing the other ATLANTIS member nations to choose sides in the conflict. Poland joined Sweden against Germany, which was supported by Canada, Turkey, and Japan among others. scrabman declared the United States' neutrality after initially assisting Germany.

The war fared poorly for Germany, especially after a Polish PTO of the German Congress in the May Congressional elections and the election of shoot, a Swedish agent, as President on 5 June. After his election, shoot retreated the remaining German regions, allowing Sweden and Poland to completely occupy Germany, obliterating it from the map. This war was a major issue in the United States and was escalated when scrabman temporarily became a battle hero for Germany after the declaration of American neutrality, sparking a political scandal that divided the population.

Collapse of ATLANTIS

The war between Sweden and Germany spelled the end of ATLANTIS. For weeks, the alliance had been weakening amongst infighting and poor relations between the member nations. Sweden's invasion of an ally and the involvement of other ATLANTIS members signalled the dissolution of the alliance on 21 May 2009. Rather than immediately forming a new alliance as several former ATLANTIS nations wanted, scrabman maintained the neutrality of the United States and tasked Secretary of State Harrison Richardson with the formulation of a new regional alliance, a task that was not completed until early July.

Re-election Campaign

Although he had not originally intended to run for a third elected term, scrab announced his candidacy in the June Presidential election. His re-election was not assured as the German battle hero scandal was still fresh in the minds of many voters. Once again, his main contender in the election was Kyle321n, running under the Libertarian Party. scrabman's third term had seen three major international failures: Far Eastern Russia, the Swedish-German War, and the collapse of ATLANTIS. Although he ultimately won the election, he won by the smallest margin in his presidential career with 1689 votes to Kyle's 1417.

Fourth Term (June 2009)

Cabinet turnover in June was again extremely low, with most members retaining their posts. However, scrabman had run with a new Vice President, Bastion.

Operation Turkish Delight

Both Greece and Israel had been conquered by Turkey during the Balkan Wars and Turkey-Israel War respectively. Both nations made a small resurgence with independence wars against Turkey, but were still primarily occupied in June 2009. To weaken Turkey and PEACE, the United States made undisclosed plans for a military operation against Turkey to free Greece and Israel, two former allies. The operation included military, economic, and media activities designed to weaken and confuse the enemy (Turkey). American soldiers moved to occupied regions in Greece and Israel where, on 11 June 2009, resistance wars were started. After fighting, but before healing, the soldiers would work in Turkish weapon companies to destroy the economy. They also voted up American propaganda in the Turkish media. Between 11 June and 15 June, seven resistance wars were started with five succeeding: Macedonia, Attica, Jerusalem district, Tel Aviv Center District, and Central Greece. Of the five regions freed from Turkish control, Central Greece was the most important as a high iron production region. The operation was lauded as a great success by the United States, Greece, and Israel.


After the collapse of ATLANTIS, Secretary of State Harrison Richardson began working on the creation of a new alliance with a few former ATLANTIS nations, including Canada and the United Kingdom. By late June, he had completed a charter, but was experiencing difficulties from the UK, who were not pleased with its terms. Although changes were made to the charter to appease the UK and smaller prospective member nations, the UK continued to refuse to accept Fortis. The United States and Canada ratified the charter and became the first member nations of Fortis. Ultimately, Fortis would fail to become a lasting alliance as two of its three primary members, Canada and Spain, would be conquered during the Great War of 2009.

Kansas Q5 Hospital

In his last major act as president, scrabman proposed the placement of a Q5 hospital in Kansas as a precaution against potential invasion of the East Coast. As the most center state, Kansas was deemed the safest location for an emergency hospital. Although its placement surprised many players, including members of Congress, it was approved. This brought the total of Q5 hospitals in the United States to three, and made Kansas a population hub away from Florida and New Jersey. Unfortunately, it only survived for about a month before Kansas was conquered by Russia during the Great War of 2009.


After three and a half months as President of the United States, scrab decided against running for another term in July. Instead, he supported the candidacy of Harrison Richardson, his Secretary of State and the USWP candidate. His last day in office was 5 July 2009, 108 days after taking office on 22 March. Following his retirement, he went on a beach holiday, his first chance to relax since he was elected to Congress in November 2008.

Presidential Legacy

See Scrabman/a look back at my presidency...


The majority of presidents in eRepublik fade into obscurity once they leave the office. Very few remain in the public eye; most recede into the background to tend to their business interests and eventually leave the game permanently. scrabman's post-presidential career places him in the minority of former presidents who have remained active in politics and continue to contribute to the greater good in their "retirement".


Within a week of scrabman's retirement from the presidency, the Great War of 2009 began with France, Hungary, Russia, and Indonesia making the preliminary moves before the invasion of the United States and Canada. On 13 July 2009, the war began, dragging scrab out of retirement and interrupting his holiday. Upon his return, he resumed posting articles to motivate and inform the American public, with battle orders and warnings. By the end of July, it was apparent that Hungary would attempt to PTO the Canadian Congress using the Federalist Party of Canada. To assist Canada to fend off the PTO attempt, scrabman and many other Americans moved north to vote and run as block candidates in the election.

scrabman ran in Alaska under the Democratic Action League and was elected to the Canadian Congress on 25 July 2009. Although the Hungarian PTO threat was defeated by the combined effort, during the August term Canada was conquered by PEACE forces. scrab returned to the United States, settling in New Jersey, on the assumption that since Canada had ceased to exist as a nation, he no longer was a member of its Congress. However, upon Canada's return a few days later, he found himself a member of Congress again. As the August Congressional election approached, scrab returned to Canada, granting himself citizenship. He joined the Canadian National Coalition and ran for a seat in British Columbia, as Alaska had been occupied by Hungary.

On 25 August, scrab was elected to a second term in the Canadian Parliament, playing an advisory role due to his extensive experience. British Columbia remained in Canadian hands throughout September, but scrab left the CNC after a leadership change in the Party president election on 15 September 2009, and joined the Canadian Progressive Front. scrab ran for re-election in British Columbia on 25 September, winning a third term in Parliament as a member of the CPF. He took a more vocal role in Parliament during his third term, and after the October Presidential election was appointed the Canadian Minister of Justice by new Prime Minister William Duncan. As the new Minister, scrab was tasked with reforming the legal system. Following the Prime Minister's dismissal of the Minister of State, scrab left the CPF and rejoined the DAL to defend the Prime Minister's decision.

With the November 2009 Congressional election scrab was narrowly defeated for re-election to British Columbia at which time he asked to join the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Regulars. Due to his high strength and prior military experience he was accepted into a new platoon, the 45th Flying Hellfish Platoon, and was subsequently appointed as the Platoon Sergeant. With the change in Prime Minister on Dec. 5th scrab was moved from Director of the Department of Justice to Canada Attorney General by returning Prime Minister Jacobi. At the same time the outgoing Prime Minister, William Duncan, bestowed Canada's highest honor on scrab by appointing him as Companion of the Order of Canada.

At the present time scrab plans to remain in the CAF Regulars and hopes to continue serving within the Department of Justice so long as it suits the Prime Ministers who fill the office.


Electoral History

Since the inception of V1, scrabman has participated in elections almost every month.

Congress - November 2008 - West Virginia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
scrabman United States Workers Party 10 90.9%
Jivar0z Libertarian Party 1 9.1%

Congress - December 2008 - West Virginia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
scrabman United States Workers Party 7 87.5%
changewillcome America's Advancement Party 1 12.5%

Party president - January 2009 - United States Workers Party

Candidate Votes Percentage
scrabman 171 63.33%
Liam McCrae 47 17.41%
Titus Petronius Niger 30 11.11%
fuzzy1994 22 8.15%

Congress - January 2009 - West Virginia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
scrabman United States Workers Party 2 100%
  • Note: Ran unopposed.

Congress - February 2009 - West Virginia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
scrabman United States Workers Party 7 58.3%
RedRooste Libertarian Party 5 41.7%

President - March 2009 - United States of America

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Other Endorsements
Uncle Sam America's Advancement Party 810 41.73% Libertarian Party
scrabman United States Workers Party 510 26.28% US Green Party, America First Party
Desertfalcon Conservative Party 350 18.03% Federalist Party, The Jewish Community Party
Jewitt United Independents Party 199 10.25% Nationalist Party, Pastafarianism
Don Keedick Umbrella Research Party 72 3.71%

President - April 2009 - United States of America

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Other Endorsements
scrabman United States Workers Party 1041 43.00% Pastafarianism
John Jay America's Advancement Party 408 16.85% Beta Memorial, P.O.T.A.T.O.E. Party, Monty Python's flying circus
Desertfalcon Conservative Party 402 16.60% Enclave Party
PrincessMedyPi United Independents Party 344 14.21% Federalist Party
Nathan Woods US Green Party 226 9.33% Socialist Freedom Party, Nationalist Party, Republican Party, France Sucks

President - May 2009 - United States of America

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Other Endorsements
scrabman United States Workers Party 1695 59.62% America's Advancement Party, Libertarian Party, Umbrella Research Party, Republican Party, France Sucks
Kyle321n Conservative Party 545 19.17% Federalist Party, Nationalist Party
NoneSuch United Independents Party 338 11.89%
Jamarcus US Green Party 179 6.30% Democratic Party, Democratic Republic 3rd Party
Spade Socialist Freedom Party 86 3.02%

President - June 2009 - United States of America

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Other Endorsements
scrabman United States Workers Party 1689 49.94% America's Advancement Party, Umbrella Research Party, Republican Party, Pastafarianism, The United Nation Party
Kyle321n Libertarian Party 1417 41.90% Conservative Party, United Independents Party, Federalist Party, Democratic Party, Nationalist Party, The Jewish Community Party, France Sucks, America First Party, Democratic Republic 3rd Party
Robert Bayer US Green Party 136 4.02% Socialist Freedom Party
bzelger America First Party 86 2.54%
branac88 The Obama Forum Party 54 1.60%

Congress - July 2009 - Alaska

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
scrabman Democratic Action League 26 22.81% Official
Sir Moke Shag 20 17.54% Official
Relysis Canadian Empire Party 20 17.54% Official
Aragorn83 17 14.91% Official
FradiFan 15 13.16% Unelected
Spiczmuller Richard 11 9.65% Unelected
Chochi Democratic Action League 1 0.88% Unelected
Ardez Democratic Action League 1 0.88% Unelected
Sam Savasci Canadian Empire Party 1 0.88% Unelected
Devan Kronos Democratic Action League 1 0.88% Unelected
Aarkon Dradsmore Canadian Empire Party 1 0.88% Unelected

Congress - August 2009 - British Columbia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
Lan MacNess Democratic Action League 7 15.91% Official
Domino_Gray Canadian Social Democrats 7 15.91% Official
Alto Deraqwar Canadian National Coalition 5 11.36% Official
scrabman Canadian National Coalition 4 9.09% Official
Treian Canadian National Coalition 4 9.09% Official
Artorius Perim Democratic Action League 4 9.09% Official
Dean22 Canadian Social Democrats 3 6.82% Official
Derakor Canadian National Coalition 3 6.82% Unelected
WolfeCanada Canadian National Coalition 3 6.82% Unelected
Manson Tai Canadian Social Democrats 2 4.55% Unelected
koolmanjack Democratic Action League 2 4.55% Unelected
ionuttaus Canadian Social Democrats 0 0% Unelected
lefty64 Canadian National Coalition 0 0% Unelected

Congress - September 2009 - British Columbia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
Domino_Gray Canadian Social Democrats 11 16.92% Official
scrabman Canadian Progressive Front 10 15.38% Official
citizenRobyn Canadian Progressive Front 9 13.85% Official
Citizen B Democratic Action League 9 13.85% Unelected
frankypicoto Democratic Action League 9 13.85% Unelected
Tom Hagen Canadian Paradox Party 3 4.62% Unelected
Manson Tai Canadian Social Democrats 3 4.62% Unelected
Treian Canadian National Coalition 3 4.62% Unelected
Artorius Perim Democratic Action League 2 3.08% Unelected
SgtVoodoo Canadian Paradox Party 2 3.08% Unelected
Ozymandias Malifozik Canadian National Coalition 2 3.08% Unelected
WolfeCanada Canadian Progressive Front 1 1.54% Unelected
Neco1 Canadian National Coalition 1 1.54% Unelected

Congress - October 2009 - British Columbia

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
scrabman Democratic Action League 14 26.92% Official
Ralph de Ver Canadian National Coalition 9 17.31% Official
Coltaine00 Canadian Progressive Front 9 17.31% Official
PimpDollaz Canadian National Coalition 8 15.38% Unelected
Manson Tai Canadian Social Democrats 6 11.54% Unelected
SgtVoodoo Canadian Paradox Party 3 5.77% Unelected
Trenton Rendell Canadian Social Democrats 1 1.92% Unelected
WolfeCanada Canadian Progressive Front 1 1.92% Unelected
Neco1 Canadian National Coalition 1 1.92% Unelected
mhzmhz Democratic Action League 0 0% Unelected


Scrabman has quite a many medals in his possession:

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x316)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x81)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x14)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x3)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x2)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x53)
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x4)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif
Resistance Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x460)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif
Society Builder (x0)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x14)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x91)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)

Government offices
Preceded by
Uncle Sam
11th President of the United States of America
March 22, 2009 - July 5, 2009
Succeeded by
Harrison Richardson