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Anthos Tagannis

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Nationality Flag-Singapore.jpg Singaporean
Date of birth March 12, 2009
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Singapore City
Sex Male
Chief of staff of Singapore
April 2009 – May 2009
Served under Arbryn
Preceded by czeckmaster
Succeeded by Relorian
Minister of Finance of Singapore
July 2009 – September 2009
Succeeded by Flaco Jimenez
Minister of Trade & Industry of Singapore
September 2009 – October 2009
Served under Arbryn
Succeeded by AvatarJTC
Congress member of Singapore
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Birth and Rising

Anthos Tagannis first rose into relative prominence from an entirely dreary existence on the twelfth day of the third month of the year two thousand and nine as a citizen in the country of Singapore.

Both enigmatic and outspoken, the young Singaporean was determined to carve a future for himself in the niche granted to him; the thoughts of his previous, unglamorous life spent on the streets of Singapore City - or Sin City, as it was more commonly known - still haunt his memories: after all, it was only chance coincidence that found him brought to the fore of society as compared to the millions other faceless bodies which lurked within the cityscape.

Life of a Pariah

Born on the twenty-second day of February in an as-yet-unspecified year in an unknown country, Anthos grew up accustomed to mediocrity: both his parents were skilled in manufacturing, but neither had risen above the position of an employee in their respective Q2 firms. The same could be said of his friends and neighbours, none of whom had aspirations higher than working as a green-coloured employee hoping to make the Hard Worker list.

Unwilling to accept such a mundane existence, Anthos instead chose a path of crime: a path deviant to what society demanded, not because of any malicious intent, but a need to break free from the stifling conformity of the life of an automaton: something which he found the assembly line to be frighteningly similar to. For years he was wanted as a criminal, his mind and wits keeping him safe from the authorities for a time. He knew, however, that this game could not last.

Then came Singapore.

Change for the Better

The rumours of a new country, Singapore, which was even now only just starting out, intrigued the individualist in Anthos, sensing something of a parallel in himself as well. By obtaining his now ubiquitous disguise, Anthos managed to smuggle himself into the developing country, itself too swamped in political turmoil to bother with the influx of unregistered immigrants.

However, his criminal tendencies did not falter until the day a power greater than his own nearly emptied the Singapore treasury. Realizing for the first time the ramifications of his own actions, and that this was a genesis of sorts both of himself and the country, he decided instead to use his eloquence and logical skill to the betterment of society, casting aside the shadow of a past that had been his burden for years past, and instead hoping to fulfill his original dreams for the good of both himself and the country.

Active Engagement

As a member of eRepublik, Anthos was engaged in many private forum discussions within Singapore and was an advocate and spearhead of the restructuring and refurbishing of said infrastructure in an effort to further appeal to the increasing number of Singaporeans.

The Birth of a Newspaper

Newspaper Logo

On March 25th, 2009, Yesterday; Today was set up, with Anthos Tagannis at its head. The newspaper delivered analyses and commentaries wholly independent of any stance than Anthos' own. Its inaugural issue, covering local food prices, the then-ongoing congress elections and Singapore's prospects both within and outside the country, proved to be fairly popular, earning 20 votes and 17 subscriptions in the first 24 hours alone: a precedent in a country as small as Singapore.

Political Involvement

Anthos has joined the Singapore Republican Party led by woshiempire, the major political party in the country in accordance with his belief in the need for a united Singaporean front, especially given his own political inclination towards the center-left with regards to Singapore. On April 8th, 2009, he has accepted an appointment from twice-nominated President Arbryn as Chief of staff.

Organizational Matters

As of April 7th, 2009, Anthos founded a new organization Immaterion Corporations.

Activ Soldier

Anthos served as a soldier in Singapore Defence Force.


Economic Outlook

Given that the government is one of the most influential bodies within any country, Anthos has been a consistent advocate of Government aid in most economic situations. He was all for the privatisation of companies as soon as Singapore's economic situation stabilizes, with one particular aim of his to ensure that this stability comes to pass as efficiently as possible.

Political Perspective

Anthos expressed a certain degree of political disinterest, insofar as shifts in cabinet go: his stance is one leaning towards a unity, which he felt is more easily established through a succession of like-minded individuals - for this reason, he was more critical than supportive of radical parties. His own political designation was that of a maverick. Ideally, he envisioned Singapore to maintain neutral alliances with as many countries as possible.

Military Stance

Anthos was a proponent of a stance of non-aggression; wars to him are economic victories for countries like Singapore should export markets be opened up. More worried about the political ramifications of military intervention in other countries than anything, he felt that any open conflict brought to Singapore can only be to the bad.