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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT part of eRepublik features.

A Minister is a politician who holds significant public office in a national government. Ministers are user-created positions and are typically appointed by the Country President. The word Minister stems from the Latin minister, meaning servant. In some nations, notably the United States, the term secretary denotes a Minister.

Examples of Ministers

This is a list of the most common Ministerial positions found in the New World.

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Minister of Defence Minister of Finance Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Education Other ministerial positions

Other ministerial positions:
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Minister of Communication Minister of Community Minister of Culture Minister of Health Minister of Immigration Minister of Interior
Minister of Justice Minister of Labor Minister of Lulz Minister of Media Minister of Social Affairs Minister of Social Development
Minister of Trade Minister of Translation Minister of Welfare Minister of Wiki Budget director Director of Embassies

Some ministers may hold multiple portfolios and lead several ministries simultaneously. In contrast, a cabinet minister that is not in charge of a specific ministry is often called a minister without portfolio or presidential adviser.

Deputy Minister

In many nations, country presidents also appoint deputy ministers to aid in the duties of a particular Ministry. Most commonly, deputy ministers are appointed to the "Big Three" ministries: Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Finance (Economics).

Official in-game Politics Congress member · Councillor · Governor · Minister of Defence* · Minister of Education* · Minister of Foreign Affairs* · Party member · Party president · President · Prime Minister · Secretary general (party) · Spokesman · Vice president (party)
*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in the article Minister
Military Commander · 2nd Commander · Captain · Soldier · Recruit · Military ranks · Aircraft ranks · Dictator
Economy / Media Employee · General manager · Press director
Historical: eRepublik Rising · eRepublik V1
User created jobs Politics Advisor · Ambassador · Chief of staff · Director · Director of Embassies · Founder · Justice · Minister* · Monarch · Parliamentary group leader · Politician · Recruitment director · Secretary general (alliance) · Secretary of Defense · Senator · Speaker · Vice president (country) ·
*There are different minister position, some are official, some not, but all are mentioned in the article Minister
Military Advisor · Chief of staff · Commanding officer · Executive officer · Officer · Staff officer · Supreme Commander
Economy / Media Advisor · Editor · Founder · Graphic designer · Journalist