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Nationality Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukrainian
Date of birth 2 April 2010
Day 864
Date of death 2018 (estimate)
Residence Chernihiv, Siveria, Ukraine
Sex Male
Newspaper Tarasove Slovo
Party president of Ukrainian Patriotic Party
15.07.10 – 15.08.10
Preceded by Kossak_Kh
Succeeded by Gurik
Party president of Ukrainian Reformation Party
15.08.10 – 24.09.10
Preceded by Alex AG
Succeeded by Alex AG
Minister of Culture of Ukraine
06.10.10 – 05.12.10
Preceded by Lukash_UA
Minister of Defense of Belarus
10.10.10 – 01.11.10
Congressman of Belarus
25.10.10 – 25.12.10
Party president of Nationalist Party of Belarus
15.11.10 – 24.12.10
Preceded by KKhan
Succeeded by Eugen Chen
Minister of Culture of Belarus
06.03.11 – 06.05.11
Preceded by Eugen Chen
Succeeded by Lanckaron
Congressman of Belarus
25.03.11 – 25.04.11
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus
06.05.11 – 06.07.11
Preceded by Hyena Black
Succeeded by Poltavets Aleksej
Congressman of Belarus
15.09.11 – 15.10.11
Party president of C B A
25.09.11 – 25.10.11
Preceded by Lanckaron
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Wing commander 0.png Wing Commander

Anton_from_Cherkasy was a citizen of Ukraine, former citizen of Belarus. Anton was born in Ukraine.


Anton was a candidate for the presidential elections on 5th of September 2010. He received a 5.07% of voter support (32 voters). He went to the elections with the Ukrainian Patriotic Party. Later on he was party president of C B A and eventually ended his career in the Republican Party.


He was a soldier in _UArmy_, formerly soldier in Black Guards.


Tarasove Slovo is the newspaper owned and published by Anton. There were 275 readers subscribed to this newspaper.



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Freedom Fighter (x4)
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Hard Worker (x34)
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Congress Member (x14)
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Country President (x0)
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Sky Hero (x7)
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Super Soldier (x39)
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True Patriot (x18)
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Party President* (x3)