Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent

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Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent

Party-Arabic Brotherhood of Crescent.png
General Information
Country Flag-United Arab Emirates.jpg United Arab Emirates
Abbreviation ABoC
Founded Jan 20, Day 1,157 of the New World
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Succeeded By eSpartans
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

ABoC was a brotherhood of people who have been waiting for the admins to add Arab countries. While ABoC were waiting, ABoC went from a small activist group to a big organization, dreaming to make United Arab Emirates a decent country of the Arabic world.

The Brotherhood was born around 1123rd day of the New World. The relationship in the Brotherhood was based on tolerance, respect and following the common goals, and members willing to cooperate and develop UAE. Every member had the same intentions - peace and prosperity in. The Brotherhood was sure that they are able to transform the UAE as a new home and a leading country of the eWorld. It is debatable if they managed to do so.


  • Union with Arabic and Muslim countries

While the countries of the Arabic world are separated they are uncompetitive compared to other countries in the economic and military domain. The union between the countries is a primary goal that the Brotherhood will try to accomplish. A strong friendship and effective collaboration will help UAE to create a strong, independent and rich country.

  • Entrance of UAE to the international level

UAE should be an active country on the international level, protecting its interests and helping their friends. The Brotherhood intentions are to develop diplomatic relations with closest friends and potential allies of the UAE.

  • Creation of an Army

There will probably be mistrust for a new fast developing country. If peaceful countries will try to help UAE, others will try to invade a tidbit of the eWorld that will be UAE. In any case, eUAE should be strong and ready to fight. An Army that can defend his country and conquer enemy nations, who doubt in UAE's power. Here is the future avatar of the army:

UAE Army frame
  • Economic development of our potential

One of the main goals facing the Brotherhood is growth the economic potential of the United Arab Emirates. the state has important resources like iron and oil. Also, we have a few secondary resources but have not and grain. The Brotherhood will try to make in UAE stable economic and provide the country with grain.

  • Population growth and social projects

The Brotherhood is committed to increase the population and do everything they can to promote culture and projects of social orientation. Citizens of UAE should feel comfortable, take part in state activity and develop UAE.

Interesting facts

1. ABoC members were many designers, journalists, political and economic analysts, military diplomats, and translators.

2. The ABoC have established contacts with the governments of top countries of eWorld, as well as eUAE's friends and allies such as Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others. The Brotherhood was ready to conduct constructive dialogue with all who want it, and discuss further cooperation of eUAE with different countries.

3. ABoC had more than 30 different companies that provided workplaces.

4. The Brotherhood existed with one purpose - to make еUAE one of the most developed and prospective countries in eRepublik. They knew that UAE, probably, will be subjected to Political capture which will transform it into the next colony and the Brotherhood are ready to it. The Brotherhood were ready not to give the motherland to enemies, and The Brotherhood were ready to create an independent and powerful country!


Unfortunately, not much is known about the history of ABoC, except that it was run by Cl4trap early on, and that they had majority in the Congress in 2011 for several months. It is also known that the orientation of the party was at one point Far-Left, Totalitarian.