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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth May 28th, 2008
Date of death November 10, 2009
Regional Council President of United Kingdom
21st August – November 2008 ?
Preceded by Nick Appleton
Congress member of United Kingdom
Mayor of Cardiff
21 June 2008 – 13 October 2008
Preceded by Meadow
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

General Information

Bremer was a long time resident of Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Born on May 28th, he has experienced quite a bit of what the UK has to offer, and has been an overall positive influence on both the Governmental Infrastructure of the United Kingdom as well as the National Forums. His highest skill was in Food, serving as the Minister of Finance for the term of September (2nd Term). He operated the media company titled Whales and Wales, which was based in Cardiff with 35 subscribers (Day 307).


Early Beginnings

Bremer's first contact in the world of eRepublik was working for a food company owned by Peter Green. Earning a meager .80 GBP per day, after just a short time he met a man named twaters, who showed him he was earning what was considered sub-par wages. He also learned to join the UK forums, and became more involved, learning that there was more than the simple two-click involvement through them. Reading through manifesto's, he decided that the People's Communist Party most suited his tastes, as he decided they represented nothing close to the Real Life communistic views the name signified.

Moving On Up

Yearning for more to do, he decided to enter the political race. He chose politics over the business, as it was, at the time too expensive. His first stop was campaigning for Mayor, which led to a victory over then-Mayor Meadow, whom Bremer criticized for being too inactive and unworthy of the office. Winning handily, Bremer has been the longest running (and last to be elected) Mayor of Cardiff. Credits during his tenure include the Welsh Citizenship Scheme, Welsh Council, and various contests for prizes to keep his citizens involved in local decision making.

After entering the People's Communist Party, Bremer tried unsuccessfully to change the name of the Party. He thought that the name didn't represent the Party's views overall, but has been very active on other ends. He designed the Party logo used at that time and has done several avatars and logos for other PCP members. He considers himself one of the farthest right-leaning members of the PCP, and this combined with his activity has earned him a Spot in the Congress (or House of Commons as it's commonly referred to in the UK) which started in the July terms.

Consistency in Office

During the July terms, Kaleb retained his office as Minister of Finance, but Bremer studied him closely as an Apprentice (or Under-minister). In the August term, he took over the office. Combined with his terms in the Congress, he has published and overseen mainly the economic side of the UK but has been active overall on all proposals (near perfect attendance in Commons). On August 2nd, he decided to create an account to buy and sell currency on the Money Market called Bremer Investments. Seeing success in his move, he chose to start giving out loans which were also successful.


He owned and operated a gift company called Whales and Gifts, a Q1 gift company in the UK.

Offices Held

  • Minister of Finance (August 7 - November 2008 est)
  • Regional Council President (August 21 - November 2008 est)
  • Ambassador to Portugal and Brazil
  • Mayor of Cardiff, Wales (June 21 - October 13)

Interesting Facts

  • eRepublik Hero: Flamur
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and small bits of Italian, German, and French