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I, Rayf Drayson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Kaleb, Commander of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 14 December 2007 - Day 24
Date of death April 2009
Residence London
Sex Male
Newspaper The Reformer's Chronicle
Party president of UK Reform
December 2007 – June 2008
Preceded by Shadowukcs
Succeeded by Shadowukcs
2nd President of United Kingdom
2 January 2008 – 1 May 2008
Preceded by snow_gibbon
Succeeded by shadowukcs
Congress member of United Kingdom
2 May 2008 – June 2008
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kaleb was a prominent politician in the United Kingdom. He served four terms as president of that country.

Economic History

Kaleb started his life working in the food sector, moving between several companies to acquire the best wage possible.
After working hard he attained enough money to start up his own company, he decided to go into the weapons industry.
His boldest move however, was to purchase a moving company (formally K-Travel), which is still the 3rd most successful business in the UK. The company has a large number of export licenses, and it is these that help Kaleb to become one of the earliest rich citizen of eRepublik.

Kaleb was the main man behind the changes that led to the creation of Aurum, of which he was a shareholder.

Political History

  1. December 2007 - Won Party Elections and became UK Reform President.
  2. January 2008 - Won General Elections and became UK President. Won Party Elections second time and maintained UK Reform President seat.
  3. February 2008 - Won General Elections and became UK President as second mandate. Won Party Elections third time and maintained UK Reform President seat.
  4. March 2008 - Won General Elections and became UK President third mandate. Won Party Elections fourth time and maintained UK Reform President seat.
  5. April 2008 - Won General Elections and became UK President as fourth mandate.
  6. May 2008 - Is Congressmen in UK.


The Reformer's Chronicle is the newspaper owned and published by Kaleb.

Other Roles

Kaleb has a very close relationship with the admins in game, this earns him further respect from the citizens of eRepublik.

Government offices
Preceded by
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2nd January 2008 - 1st May, 2008 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Terms)
Succeeded by