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Starting Day 3,468 (May 19, 2017), cities got a new function in the New World. Cities can be reached by clicking on a Region page which will have the link to the region capital city.


City overview.png

Each city page consists of 3 main subpages:

  • Overview - holds the general information about the city which includes:
    • local government
    • military - when the city was occupied or liberated
    • demographics - number of residents, voters and visitors, city size, and national and international rank by number of residents
    • economy - all information regarding taxes, bonuses, budget and Raw materials
  • Residents - holds the information about citizens who took residence in the city
  • Properties - holds the information about your residential and industrial properties in the city

City Size

The cities are grouped into 5 tiers based on the number of citizens who are residents of the city. Their size not only influences the values of residential tax and the property tax but also affects the durability bonus of the inhabited houses in the city as per the table below.

City bonuses and taxes.png

Local taxes

City taxes.png

The municipality can levy taxes to fund the city budget:

  • The residential tax - depends on the size of the city and is collected once - when a citizen establishes residence in a city
  • The property tax - is collected for each house based on its global market price and the actual (remaining) durability of the house. It is paid when a citizen moves into a house in their resident city.

City budget

City budget.png

The city budget is founded on the currency collected from the local taxes and a subsidy from the taxes collected at the government level.

The current subsidy is 10% of the country's income and divided equally between all the cities of the country.

The city budget at the moment is just collected, and cannot be spent.

City properties

City properties.png

City properties hold the information about your residential and industrial properties inside city limits.

Establishing a residence

Main article: Residence

In order to establish a residence in a city, a citizen needs to travel to the city, apply for a residential permit and pay the one-time residential tax and the property tax (if they have active houses).

Establish residence.png

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