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This tutorial is focused on two new features in eRepublik added on day 3,468 (May 19, 2017):

  • Residence - To reach the residence page, go to the My places menu and choose the first option - Residence. This tutorial is adapted from the tutorial that can be accessed by clicking on the question mark on the bottom of the Residence page.
  • Cities and towns - To reach a city page, go to the Region page and there will be the link to the capital city, along with the information about residents and visitors.


By choosing to settle down in a city and establish a residence, a citizen will be able to benefit from better homes both in terms of house durability, energy pool size and energy recovery as long as they reside in the city.

City size matters

The city size influences the values of residential and property tax and it also affects the durability bonus of the houses owned by its residents.

City bonuses and taxes.png

Local taxes

City taxes.png
  • Residential Tax - depends on the size of the city and is collected when a citizen establishes their residence in a city
  • Property Tax - is set by the mayor and the city council and is collected when a citizen moves in a house in their resident city.

City Budget

City budget.png

The City Budget is founded by the currency collected from the local taxes (Property Tax & Residential Tax) and a subsidy from the taxes collected at the government level.

Establish Residence

Establish residence.png
Main article: Residence

In order to establish residency in a city, a citizen needs to travel to the city, apply for a residential permit, pay the one-time residential tax and the property tax if they have any active houses.


City properties.png

Each active house will now grant an extra +2/6 minutes energy recovery bonus. On top of that, your residence status will also grant you a +2/6 minutes energy recovery bonus and a +50 energy pool bonus.

House Bonuses

Residents will benefit from the increased energy recovery speed and extra energy pool as long as they stay in the city of residence. When travelling away from the city, the energy recovery speed bonus is not available and the extra energy pool is active for 30 minutes from the moment of departure.

Important notes

  • When travelling away from the city of residence, the energy recovery speed bonus is not available and the extra energy pool is active for 30 minutes from the moment of departure.
  • Property tax is collected for each house based on its global market price and the durability of the house.
  • The mayor and city council are the ones who decide on how to use the money in the local budget.
  • Once a citizen becomes a resident of a city, he/she can no longer turn back to his nomad status (aka - citizen without residency)
  • Active houses in the city will benefit from the durability bonus, based on the city size.
  • The houses of a resident citizen will not have the option to be paused.

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