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Countries in eRepublik are subdivided into regions. You can find what regions a country owns at the moment by accessing the Society page.

Regions have specific resources. Regions play a role in determining if a nation's Congress.

Region Details

When you click "Details" next to the region name on the society tab, the region details page will open with the following information:
  • Name of the region
  • Link to the region's wiki page
  • Back link - Returns you back to the Country Society Page
Region top.png


The Population section shows

  • capital city of the region
  • capital city's coat of arms
  • the number of citizens in the region. They are divided into:
    • residents
    • visitors


Region constructions.png

The Constructions section shows if the region has a hospitals and/or defense systems. Every battle used to have its own buildings. The number at the top tells you the number of the mini-battle the building would have taken place in. Buildings used to be bought for a region with President's proposal and Congress approval. The president used to specify where in the mini-battle the building would be placed. With new updates, hospitals and defense systems could no longer be created, nor could they be used in combat. However, the section is still visible on the region pages.

Historical Capital of

This section only appears if the region was the capital of a country at one point.


Main article: Determination

There are actually two sections that show the determination of the region to be under the control of a certain country. It is divided into:

  1. Region’s determination in Resistance Wars
  2. Region’s determination when attacked (only applicable after liberation)
Determination is computed for each country individually, based on the total number of days they held the region in the past 250 days.

Productivity Information

The Productivity Information section shows:

This region is suitable for the aircraft industry.

If you would like to see which regions have which raw materials, you may use the following menu:

Regions with...

Grain · Fish · Deer · Cattle · Fruits · Aluminum · Iron · Saltpeter · Rubber · Oil · Sand · Clay · Wood · Limestone · Granite · Neodymium · Magnesium · Cobalt · Titanium · Wolfram · no resource


Main article: Pollution

Shows the pollution levels in the region for 4 main industries (Food, Weapon, House and Aircraft).


The Neighbors section lists which regions neighbor the region in question along with links to those regions. A country name and flag will allow you to know that region's owners.

This region borders four different countries.

Taxation of occupied regions

In order to make successful military campaigns more rewarding, the Taxation of Occupied Regions was introduced. In addition to the familiar production bonuses, countries would gain additional tax income from the regions they have conquered.

A graphical representation of the tax revenue can be seen on the Economy of the My country tab. The information can also be displayed as a table. The amount of currency collected through taxes is updated in real time both in the country's treasury and in the Tax Revenue chart.

The taxes of the country under partial or total occupation are divided between the occupying countries and the country that is occupied. The taxes are affected by the number of regions each country holds.

The taxes included in the calculations are:

The formula can be found HERE.

Renting regions

Main article: Resource concession

Regions can also be rented out between countries through the resource concession law.

See also

  • Battlefield - Battles may be fought between countries for control of regions
  • Capital (political) - Some regions may be more special than others
  • Resistance - If a country is occupying a region that was not originally its own, dedicated fighters may be able to free the region and return it to its original owner
  • List of cities and regions - complete list of all regions
  • One:Region - V1 version of the region page

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