Coalition of Destiny

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The Coalition of Destiny

Party-Coalition of Destiny.png
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Colors Red and Blue
Founded 31 Jan 2009
Dissolved 7 Feb 2009
President Final Destiny
Members PCP, TUP, MDU, F-TP, TRP
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%


The Coalition of Destiny, sometimes also known as the Yellow Submarine Coalition, or simply The Coalition, was a political movement in the United Kingdom formed in January 2009 after the leaders of the People's Communist Party, The Unity Party, the Movement for Democratic Unity, the Free-Thinking Party and the The Right Party were perturbed by the UKRP's selection of JerryGFL as their presidential candidate for the February 5th Presidential Elections. With the UKRP being the UK's largest party by far it was believed to be almost certain Jerry would win despite being, as the Coalition founders thought, less qualified than any of the other candidates. The leaders therefore created the coalition to provide a viable opposition to the UKRP candidate and after a two stage-selection process the members of the parties involved in the Coalition selected Final Destiny as their presidential candidate, and Big Boy Bulley as the vice-presidential candidate.

The Coalition of Destiny, and Final Destiny went on to win the February 5th Presiential Election, garnering 283 votes 62% of the turn out, defeating JerryGFL who gained 141 votes, 31% and Shadowukcs, 32, 7%.


The Framers of the Coalition lightened the mood during it's planning stages by singing together, one song gained such popularity that it became the Hymn of the Coalition and is the reason the Coalition's unofficial name was the Yellow Submarine Coalition. The lyrics wnet like this;

In the town where I was born,

Lived a man who sailed to sea,

And he told us of his life,

In the land of submarines,

So we sailed on to the sun,

Till we found the sea of green,

And we lived beneath the waves,

In our yellow submarine,

We all live in a yellow submarine,

yellow submarine, yellow submarine,

We all live in a yellow submarine,

yellow submarine, yellow submarine.


After the election victory the coalition was disbanded and President Final Destiny turned to the business of governing. However shortly after selecting a cabinet he became inactive and disappeared due to sensitive real-life issues, with a cabinet selected the day to day business of government continued and an emergency cabinet meeting was called to decide how best to deal with the situation. With Vice-President Big Boy Bulley unable to take stewardship of the presidential account it was eventually decided to wait until 12pm eRepublik time Friday and if Final Destiny had not returned by then impeachment would be put to Congress, this would make the runner-up election candidate JerryGFL the president. Congress were made aware of these proposals yet when 12pm Friday came and went and Final Destiny had not returned Congressman Dan Fallows using a loophole in UK legislation sabotaged the impeachment vote, forcing another week delay in the process, citing an apparent lack of consultation as the reason.

During the controversy and new delay the Vice President managed to acquire access to the President's account and the debate changed to whether to carry on the with the plans for impeachment or allow the Vice President to work as President until next term. The two candidates, Vice President Big Boy Bulley and runner-up JerryGFL met together and came to agreement that taking control of Final Destiny's account would be in breach of eRepublik law and therefore Final Destiny should be impeached, JerryGFL would take over as President with Big Boy Bulley continuing as Vice President and the two would govern in partnership until the next term. When impeachment was available to Congress again the vote passed 26 Aye 4 Nay.