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I, KIA Sneak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Final Destiny, Officer of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Final Destiny

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Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealander
Date of birth Jan 7, 2008 - Day 48
Date of death 2012
Residence London, United Kingdom
Sex Male
4th President of The United Kingdom
1 June 2008 – 2 July 2008
Preceded by shadowukcs
Succeeded by KIA Sneak
9th President of The United Kingdom
February 2009 – February 2009
Preceded by Deathtoll32
Succeeded by JerryGFL
Mayor of Belfast
January 2008 – March 2008
Preceded by Slippers
Succeeded by Ste93
Regional Council President of United Kingdom
February 2008 – March 2008
Succeeded by Smartbomb
Party president of The Unity Party
19 May 2008 – 27 June 2008
Preceded by Paul Hudson
Succeeded by Jasperking
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland
5 October 2008 – November 2009
Succeeded by Thomas Page
Mayor of Galway
September 2008 – 2 October 2008
Preceded by piffy
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Final Destiny was an Erepublikan citizen born on the 7th of January 2008 in the times of BETA. He came as part of the 313 Takeover and later went on to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Although he spent most of his time in the United Kingdom, Final Destiny was a citizen of Ireland in reality.

A Co-Founder of The Unity Party who spent his time hanging around the party headquarters and enjoying the backbench of the House of Commons. He was also an Admin on the eUK Forums .

Personal Information

Final Destiny has had a long history in Erepublik. A lot would say a history of unfinished work. He served as a Member of Parliament for the East of England, although usually was elected in Northern Ireland, but because Ireland obtained Northern Ireland during the EDEN invasion of the United Kingdom he could not stand there.

Final Destiny writes for two newspapers:

His last position was as an Administrator of the eUK Forums which was one of his primary roles in UK Society.

The History of Destiny

The 313 Revolution

Otherwise known as the 313 Takeover. Final Destiny was one of the prominent and more moderate thinkers of the 313. The 313 came from GameFAQs UK board in particular. Firstly, Final Destiny joined The Peoples Front of 313 and got his first job working for his future senior partner in founding The Unity Party Paul Hudson. Working for less than Flag-United Kingdom.jpgGBP in order for the 313 Businesses to undercut all non-313 owned ones. Empire Corporation started it's roots from here.

Disaster struck The Peoples Front when Cubezilla quit. This meant a new party had to be formed and it was under the leadership of 94asm that Now El313ct Winners was born. Final Destiny joined this party and helped in writing the very first Manifesto and won the local elections to become Mayor of Belfast.

Final Destiny missed out on a Congress seat during the first Presidential elections 313 faced. As 94asm failed to order the list correctly and he himself thought Kaleb the UK Reform candidate to a tie resulting in the defeat due to the tiebreaker rule.

When Party President elections came round Final Destiny endorsed Paul Hudson to become Party Leader. However, he was defeated by the popular Zuku_Zulu who was the big-name candidate along with AdamLazaruso who came second. Despite the loss of his favored candidate Final Destiny set about his duties helping the party. Come Local Elections Final Destiny won in Belfast again and also got elected to the newly established Regional Council as Regional Council President. Setting out plans to improve the UK Forums, Hospital placement, Healthcare and increasing activity. It's a similar role to the Ministry of Home Affairs in modern-day UK society.

Come Presidential elections it was bittersweet for Final Destiny. Though he was made Deputy Leader by AdamLazaruso who ascended to Party Leader when Zuku_Zulu resigned and gained a place in Congress. The election saw Kaleb comfortably beat AdamLazaruso. Ending the 313 Era of eUK History effectively.

The Birth of The Unity Party

After the elections, a plan was hatched by Paul Hudson and Final Destiny to re-brand the party and its message. Knowing he would split the vote if he stood himself it was agreed that Paul Hudson would stand and Final Destiny would stay on as Deputy Leader. The Party President Election was won by Paul Hudson comfortably and the party was re-branded as The Unity Party which it is still named to this day. The party would campaign to end the divide in the nation between parties and ask them to all come together.

Final Destiny during the Hudson era was in charge of a lot of the Administrative tasks in the party. Organization of Local Elections, Planning the Manifesto and thinking up new initiatives. As well as continuing on his role as Regional Council President until the March Local Elections in which he did not stand.

Paul Hudson and Final Destiny also worked together on their Business otherwise known as Empire Corporation. A successful Weapons, Housing and Gift company were run. With Jasperking a rising star of The Unity Party helping out Empire was one of the leading businesses in the United Kingdom.

Final Destiny: Prime Minister

Despite re-branding, Paul Hudson had little success in Presidential Elections. Being beaten by Kaleb in April and shadowukcs in a much closer election in May. Paul just before Local Elections decided to resign as Party Leader. This meant Final Destiny became officially the leader of The Unity Party and ran for Prime Minister against the incumbent shadowukcs. The move was a surprise to most even Final Destiny who was gearing up a Campaign for Mayor of London at the time. Within one day before Local Elections, Final Destiny pulled out of London endorsing the People's Communist Party candidate piperbunny to better relations with the "left-wing" parties.

The elections geared up and Final Destiny campaigned hard to become the first Prime Minister from his party. Winning by a small margin against the incumbent he succeeded. Setting about appointing a Cabinet based on merit and not party affiliation for the first time in UK History. Giving the Commons more say on the policy which they had not been given at all during the previous terms. Sending troops to South Africa to aid them against Indonesia and bettering relations with the USA and their President and Future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Dishmcds.

Despite this, ill health forces Final Destiny to take a back seat for a week or so in the middle of his term. Forcing him to run the country via the proxy of his wife (Firefly) and Jasperking who was Deputy Prime Minister. Due to this, he decided not to run again and endorsed KIA Sneak for Prime Minister.

The Spears and Ireland

After his term as Prime Minister was over. Final Destiny formed a mercenary group called the Spears of Destiny. The most prominent names in the Spears were Firefly, Jasperking, Relic and Vyse. Others joined upon invitation and they set about fighting in several wars. Including Sweden-Germany II and the continuation of Indonesia-South Africa. The Spears were put on hold once a terror swept Ireland.

When rumors hit that Victor Petrescu was going to pull a Political takeover in Ireland Final Destiny rushed to his real life homeland with the Spears. However, due to Victor tricking Patton, he managed to obtain the Presidency. Thus Final Destiny joined in the resistance against the takeover. Negotiating aid from the United Kingdom. The result of the takeover meant that Ireland would not trust the Super Alliances again for a very very long time.

During his stay in Ireland, Final Destiny was elected Mayor of Galway managing it much as he did with Belfast. He was the last Mayor of Galway before the switch to Erepublik Version 1. He also served as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade under the 5n4keyes first mandate, helping Ireland to transition into Erepublik Version 1.

Back to the United Kingdom

In November 2008 Final Destiny returned to the United Kingdom and ran for Prime minister once more. Running against Dishmcds and Tim09 he came third in the race. He had the support of The Unity Party and the United Belgian Party as Belgium was still part of the union at this time.

After losing the elections Final Destiny went into hibernation. Not really doing much but a little travelling and watching things from behind the scenes. He didn't really return to elife till he ran for Prime Minister again in February 2009 when the Coalition of Destiny was formed to oust UK Reform from office. Despite winning the election after just 3 Days tragedy struck Final destiny's real life and he left Erepublik for these reasons to support his wife.

Destiny Lives?

After months and months away, Final Destiny returned. Much had changed since he was last alive. The small party he founded to run for President in February was then a Top 5 Party called the Radical Freethinkers Alliance. Hearing that the former party leader had threatened Ireland and left him in charge due to resignation Final Destiny renamed this party Sinn Fein for 1 week as punishment. He then handed the party over to Flamur his old friend to look after the party. While he rejoined, The Unity Party was real home in the eWorld.

Opting to stay off the Frontline of Politics he focused on helping The Unity Party and his job as Forum Admin. A simple life which he enjoyed.

Government offices
Preceded by
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2nd June 2008 - 1st July, 2008 (1st Term)
Succeeded by
KIA Sneak