Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark

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The Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark was written by the danish congress, the writing and the discussion about the contents began on the 27 January 2009 and ended on the 8 February 2009.

The Creators

Grev Per: Came up with most of the ideas behind the project and wrote the constitution.

HrBjorn: Didn't do much, but is the first king of Denmark.

Damorte: One of the persons who discussed whenever Count Dracula or Duke Nukem was cooler, also came up with the idea of having a nobility.

A. Holst: The founder and prophet of Danishism, the danish state religion, also proposed that Danishism should be the danish state religion.

Gustav Gustavsen: Said something to be sarcastic, but it ended up in the constitution.

Skinke Got the "Captain King" idea.

The Constitution

The State of the State

1. Denmark is a Constitutional Monarchy.

1.1 The Office of King is to be symbolic.

1.2 The Office of King can only be held by a citizen for 1 month at a time.

1.3 The Current King choses the Next King.

1.4 No one can be King twice unless all active citizens have held the office of King.

1.5 The King shall be addressed as 'Oh Captain my Captain' or shorthand 'Captain King'.


2. Denmark is an Industrialized Feudal Economy.

2.1 The King will appoint the nobility.

2.2 There shall be a noble house for every 40 citizens (thus in a nation of 200 there should be 5 noblemen).

2.3 The King cannot strip the nobles of their titles unless they were behaving in a manner that was far too serious.

2.4 The Nobles can overthrow the King if they believe the King is not being symbolic enough.


3. Slavery is legal in the Kingdom of Denmark.

3.1 Any employee working for a Dane outside the borders of Denmark is owned by the Dane.

3.2 These employees are serfs, also known as the landed peasantry.

3.3 Thus the Danish national hobby is owning other peoples.

3.4 The Danish National Sport is the Gladiatorial Combat, the pitting of one Dane's serfs in combat to the death against another Dane's serfs.

3.5 Animal Rights Activists and Environmentalists are very annoying.


4. All people are born equal.

4.1 But if they can't pronounce 'Rød Grød med Fløde' they should be cast off Himmelbjerg.


5. Duke Nukem is legally cooler than Count Dracula.

5.1 But Vlad Tepes is the coolest of all.

Star Trek

6. The Prime Directive When in Sweden there is to be no identification of self or mission. No interference with the social development of said apes. No references to the Earth being round, other countries, or advanced civilizations.


7. Danishism is the official religion of Denmark, as told by the Prophet A. Holst.