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The Contact page is the official way to access eRepublik Support. Click the "Contact" link at the bottom of any page in eRepublik to open the contact page.


You can also get to this form by clicking "Report Abuse" links on newspaper articles, ads, or private messages. Currently, eRepublik Support is only available in English.

Remember, if you have issues with the eRepublik Wiki, you should contact one of the Wiki sysops or leave a message on the Bar.

eRepublik Support

Items sent to eRepublik Administration, whether they be abuse complaints, suggestions, or requests for help, are called Tickets. Each ticket is given a unique tracking number and assigned to a member of the team, based on department.

View My Tickets

Viewmytickets.jpg Click this link to view any past tickets. You can check the status of your ticket, responses, and even message the administration team.

Submit a Ticket

Submitticket.gif Your messages, suggestions, or complaints are submitted here. Descriptions of the different departments can be found below. Responses and will be sent through the e-mail address provided and updated in the "View My Tickets" screen.

Knowledge base (FAQ)

Main article: Knowledge base
Knowledgebase.gif Similar to the wiki FAQ, this is a condensed version of frequently asked questions. It is always best to check here before submitting a ticket.


The following describes the following support departments. Sending a ticket to the proper department will speed the resolution of your issue.

Report a bug

You should report as soon as possible any technical flaw that may affect eRepublik. We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Report multiple accounts

If you suspect one or more citizens of managing multiple accounts you can ask for an investigation. (See also Multi-accounts)


Any message concerning real money transactions should have this subject in order to be answered by the assigned department.

Game support

As eRepublik evolves with each passing day, you might want to send us a message with a subject not mentioned above. Feel free to do so, as we have a special department ready to provide support even in unpredicted situations that may arise.


If you find that eRepublik is not properly translated in your language, please submit a ticket to this department.

Mobile Issues (optional)

You should report as soon as possible any technical flaw that may affect the mobile version of eRepublik. We would like to thank you in advance for your support. Please note that this department is not available on all platforms.

New countries (optional)

New countries are used for any issues regarding new countries that have been recently implemented, or for suggestions regarding new countries that should be implemented. Please note that this department is not available if no new countries have been added recently.

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Administration Principles

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