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Homepage is the first page you will see after log-in to eRepublik. You can get back here any time by clicking the House on the left of the menu bar.



The top of every page in eRepublik will display the:

  • Server Clock - Date and time of the game (GMT-8)
  • Search - You can only search for citizens/organizations
  • Logout button

The menu is present on almost all eRepublik pages. It has 6 main categories-buttons. The first button will lead you back to homepage and the second will take you to my places. The wars button will take you to war list. Next two buttons won't take you anywhere but by hovering over it a sub menu will open where is links to many pages you need in your eRepublik life. Gold and Extras button is direct link which takes you to "Buy gold" page where you can buy special items or collect the gold bonus you have earned from your friends or check the Loyalty program.

Profile Preview

On the left side of every page, you will see your profile preview. The following information is displayed:

Homepage sidebar.png
On the top there is your avatar with a link to your profile, Message inbox, Notifications inbox, Weekly leaderboards and Experience Level with the experience meter. Bringing your mouse over the meter will bring more detailed information

Notes: Upload an avatar picture as soon as possible!
Inbox - the number next to the envelope shows the number of unread messages
Notifications inbox - the number next to the bell icon shows your Alerts and notifications

Next you can find the flag of the country where you are, and your citizen name with a link to your profile.
Energy meter which indicates what is your energy level. Hover over it to get more information. How to Consume Food?

The amount of gold and currency you have.
This shows your missions that can be completed.
Clicking a missions shows you the mission requirements and rewards. If you complete the requirements, clicking the mission will complete it and dispense out the reward.

Daily tasks

This will provide you with a direct link to your daily tasks as a citizen.
You can get your reward after you've worked and trained in at least one facility
Daily tasks ghost booster.jpg
It links to work and train pages, and when you have done all your daily tasks, you can click the "Get reward" button to receive your daily reward.
You can click on Reward after you killed 25 people in the battle your military unit has chosen

There's also a military task you can solve. Therefore you need to defeat 25 enemies on the battlefield your commander or captain of the military unit you are in demands of you. This is called the "Daily order".

If you have completed daily order and daily tasks, they will disappear from the homepage until the next day.

Military Campaigns

Military Campaigns.png

Military campaigns section provides you the list of current ongoing battles.

Campaign of the day is shown as the only one if it is set. Campaign of the day can be set by the country president.

More military campaigns link will lead you to page where you'll see every single battle you can fight. The latest events will lead you to latest events page of the country you are located in.


Election day.JPG

If Country President elections or Congress elections are in progress, a blue "Vote now" button will appear at the top of a citizen's homepage if they have not yet voted. Clicking the "Vote now" button will take them to the voting screen. Additionally, if the citizen is in a party, the Vote button will also appear if Party Presidential elections are in progress.


Homepage news.png
Main article: News

This section gives access to news in eRepublik. There are 8 different categories and link to your subscriptions.

  • All categories
  • First steps in eRepublik
  • Battle orders
  • Warfare analysis
  • Political debates and analysis
  • Financial business
  • Social interactions and entertainment
  • Newspaper subscriptions

Click one of the categories to see articles about subjects you're interested in.

Citizen feeds

Citizen feeds.png

The citizen feeds are little messages (AKA shouts) that you can make to your friends. Your friends are able to respond these shouts by commenting on them and vote them. You can make a new post every 10 minutes. Your posts are limited to 160 characters and you can't use any code in the posts (HTML, BBCode, JavaScript). Links will be parsed automatically. Comments can be 480 characters long at most. Comments can also be voted. The number of votes is visible in the shout/comment. By clicking the amount of votes, you'll see the names of citizens who voted the comment/post.

When you create, comment or like a post, you will be considered as subscriber in the post. This means you will receive a notification whenever a new comment is made to the subscribed post.

In addition there were further tabs added. You are also able to follow your party, military unit and facebook friends. (in case you are either connected to facebook with your eRepublik account or member of a party/military unit)

The homepage views 10 most recent posts made by your friends. To see more you must push the older posts button. Comments are shown in groups of five. If the post has more than five comments, you need to press previous comments button to see next 5 and so on.

If you don't have any friends, you can't see any posts. In this case you see option to find new friend. With the find friends feature you can import your email contacts and the game will see if any of them play eRepublik.

  • Note: This feature isn't available for organizations.

If you achieve battle/campaign/resistance hero or mercenary medal, you can publish an automated written post in your feed. Same applies for guerrilla fights wins.


The bottom of every page has links to the following: