Deathwatch Guard

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General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Region Otago
Total Soldiers 41
Commanded by Dizzy Ramone
2nd Jagodowiec
Commanders Kohler.J

The first mercenary MU in New Zealand made of IRC active people. Founder of the unit was Valentyme.


Current commander of the unit is Dizzy Ramone

Former command

  • Valentyme (2012)(2014)(2019-2021)
  • CrackShotNZ (2012)
  • Ail Atan (2012)
  • Sebastian AFK (2014)
  • Dizzy Ramone (2012 - 2019)(2021-Present)

2nd Commanders: Jagodowiec (current), Kohler.J (former), Oboacer (former)


Tensions in the Kiwi Military Guard have led 3 IRC active players to create a second military unit that would focus on activity and selling damage contrary to the philosophy of KMG of being peaceful and help the newbies. On June 5, 2012, the unit is finally created by Valentyme, CrackShotNZ and Dizzy Ramone, the unit would also receive the help of their friend GraveyarDeImperium. The unit has slowly attracted a small base of players and soon many of the more active players in the old KMG would switch eventually leading to the death of parent KMG. The unit continued to sell damage throughout 2012 until Dizzy Ramone quit the game for a few months and Valentyme & CrackShotNZ departed into Australia. The unit was resurrected sometime in 2013 by Dizzy Ramone and it eventually saw the return of their old founders that had left for Australia. Since the return of Oboacer in July 2015 the unit has been gaining more players and newbies but it has not returned to its elitist philosophy.

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