Kiwi Military Guard

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Kiwi Military Guard

Kiwi Military Guard.png

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Region Otago
1st Regiment Captain runningtings
Part of Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

The Kiwi Military Guard is a private militia operating in New Zealand. It was formed on November 3rd, 2011 as the military wing of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP). It has been in the work for some time and finally came about after the PnPP took over the old Order of the Southern Cross. It is unsure when did this unit stopped to exist.


Last known command was:


Although the military in NZ is officially under the auspices of the New Zealand Army, many private militias exist. Most are affiliated with certain political parties and came into being when the old New Zealand Defence Forces were limited in membership to just 50. This forced many players to found private militias. It wasn't until reforms passed by Crusadercarl administration that allowed the Army to grow.

During this time, the PnPP began a process of debate on whether it should form its own private militia, this gained popularity, especially as the party had recently taken over as the #1 party in NZ. The idea was initiated by PP Oboacer but was quickly adopted by Aleda542, Ginny Tory and Valentyme as a project to work on. Future PP runningtings helped by designing the KMG's in-game frame and logo.

Debate on whether to form the KMG continued for much of the summer of 2011, with differing opinions on its viability and purpose taking place. It remained on the side, although it was a topic of debate on the party forum. However, it wasn't until Aleda finally ran for PP in October that it finally came into reality. Once in, he worked with Balkan Beast to buy the defunct Order of the Southern Cross unit and convert it into the KMG. The money was directly donated from the PnPP.

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