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The American University is a project of the Department of Education.

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Department of Education

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Energy is one of the most important things to monitor throughout your eRepublik life. You can find your energy level easily on your sidebar or profile page. If your energy level is below 10, you cannot work, train, or fight.

Usage of energy

Your energy decreases as you accomplish various tasks:

  • Working: -10 energy per work action
  • Training: -10 energy per training session
  • Fighting: -10 or more energy per click of the "fight" button

Restoration of energy

You can recover energy instantly by:


Food increases the citizen's energy. Like all products, it can be purchased in the marketplace and is consumed by clicking the Recover Energy button.

If you do not have any food in your inventory, the Recover Energy button will change into a Buy Food button which links you to the marketplace. If you do not consume any food, your health will gradually decrease until it reaches zero. At that point, your citizen will die, and you will be given the option to revive your citizen the next time you log in.

Types of Food

There are six different qualities of food, with higher-quality food having a higher rating. Higher-quality food restores more energy per unit. Food's quality increases by an interval of two. Thus, Q1 food (food of the lowest quality, garnering a one-star rating) restores two energy points per unit, while Q6 food restores twelve energy points per unit. The only exception to this rule applies to Q7 food, which restores 20 energy per unit. But while higher-quality food may restore more health per unit, the best type of food to buy is the one that gives you the most energy for your money. A player is only limited by the amount of energy they can recover in a set amount of time. Therefore, it is better to buy 100 units of Q1 food (worth 200 energy) for $50 than it is to buy 10 units of Q5 food (also worth 200 energy) for $55, and so on.

How to Consume Food

You can only consume food by clicking the Recover Energy button (found in your sidebar underneath your energy meter. After clicking this button, your energy will be restored to as close to your maximum energy level as possible. Your citizen will consume the highest-quality food in your storage, first. If the highest-quality food will make your energy level rise over your maximum energy level, the next-highest-quality food unit will be consumed instead. Your citizen's energy value will then increase according to the amount of food consumed. Information about your energy level will automatically update both on the sidebar and on your profile page as the website refreshes in your browser.

The amount of remaining energy that can be consumed will be displayed in the Recover Energy button's tooltip.

Note: If you have energy bars in your storage, they can be consumed after you have restored all the energy that can be recovered with food.

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