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Citizens may eat food in order to restore their energy. The amount of energy that can be recovered is only constrained by their level.

How to Eat

You can find the blue button Recover Energy in the sidebar of most pages. If you do not own any food then this message will say "Buy food" instead.

What happens when I eat?

After clicking this link, you will eat food until you have got your energy as near as possible to your maximum recoverable Energy. First, your citizen will eat the highest quality food in your storage. If the highest quality food in your storage will make your energy exceed your maximum recoverable energy, the next highest quality food unit will be eaten instead. This is repeated until:

  • your energy has reached its maximum;
  • you have run out of food;
  • you have reached the limit of energy you previously stored up.

Example: Your energy is 90. You have 5 Q3 food and 2 Q1 food in your storage and your level is 1. One Q3 food (energy rises from 90 to 96) will be eaten and two Q1 food (energy rises from 96 to 100).

If you have energy bars in your inventory, those will be consumed once you have reached your daily limit of food or you have no food left.

How much food can citizen eat?

This message appears if you try to eat on the battlefield when your limit is empty.

The amount of maximum energy that can be recovered by eating food depends on the experience level of the player.

Once the limit is reached you will be able to eat again in six minutes. The timer for your energy limit increase will stop once you reached your energy capacity and will be restarted once you consume at least one bread.

Once you reach your food limit, you will be required to wait six minutes to receive another 10 energy points.


This is only available in the sidebar. It will display the following information:
This action recovers as much Energy as possible by consuming Food in your Storage. You can recover X more Energy Icon energy.png

Cases when the Recover Energy button is disabled:

  1. If a citizen has already reached his/her limit
  2. If a citizen has energy equal to his/her maximum recoverable Energy
If a citizen has not reached the energy recovery limit, and has no Food in the inventory, then the button will transform into a Buy Food button, which links to the Marketplace.

Eat was removed on day 4931

Historical information

Energy and what influences it

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