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Dr. Straatman

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Day 927
Date of death N/A
Residence New York
Sex M
Newspaper The JS Chronicles
Congress member of Peninsular Malaysia
Oct 25, 2010 – December 25, 2010
Congress member of Sarawak
December 25, 2010 – February 25, 2010
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dr. Straatman was reborn on Day 927, his original account was Joseph Straatmann. He has lived in Malaysia and USA.

Pre-Day 1115

Dr. Straatman didn't have a large amount of accomplishments before Day 1,115. He mostly stayed in Malaysia and did whatever work came his way. He co-founded Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia, served as party president, congressman, and multiple other odd jobs in Ministry of Defence. For the most part, he remained isolated in Malaysia until a few weeks before Day 1,115.

Day 1115

At this point he began to speak actively with some prominent citizens in the Philippines. When Jelly9473 began the Singapore Lulz War, a large debate began to take place on whether the nations of Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines should merge into a new country (SEA). Dr. Straatman took the stance of merging, as he saw that it was beneficial to all the parties involved. However, the majority of the citizens disagreed and the idea of a full merger was thrown out the window. Dr. Straatman continued speaking with a few citizens of the Philippines and in private a new idea took shape. The idea was a merger of the military's of the region, named PACMAN. Dr. Straatman was selected as the first MoD of the PACMAN Alliance and spent the days leading up to Day 1,115 preparing the PACMAN army, named Pacmen, for existence.

The SEA Mediastorm

The SEA Debate began with the Singapore Lulz War started by Jelly9473. Essentially, a few citizens from Philippines and Malaysia supported merging the three countries, while the majority of the populations did not. The few that wanted the merge tried to publish their thoughts in the media, but were unsuccessful in changing many opinions. A few of the articles were:

There were, of course, many other points made on forums and in IRC, but these articles did a good job of summing it all up. These three articles, along with the Lulz war itself caused the largest outcry, and largest coming together, from the countries in a long time. The three mentioned above and Myung Kei, continued speaking on IRC over the next weeks and eventually developed the idea that became PACMAN.


On Day 1,115 (December 9, 2010) Dr. Straatman began using wiki actively.


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Hard Worker (x25)
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Congress Member (x9)
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Battle Hero (x14)
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Resistance Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x60)
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