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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth April 2nd, 2009
Date of death Sometime in 2014 (est)
Residence Washington, USA
Sex Male
President of India
President of Philippines
Congress member of India
Military rank Icon rank National Force***.png National Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jelly9474 was a well-known citizen of Washington, USA, as well as in Asia. He was a politician, businessman, owner and writer of Smiley Times.

Personal Life

Jelly9473 was born in the USA, but relocated to India following suggestions by Indian friends. Except for a short trip to Singapore to gain a different perspective on the New World, he lived in India for his first 10 months of playing. After a presidential term in India, he took a vacation for a few months and visited some friends in Canada. After returning actively to erepublik Jelly9473 moved to Philippines to join the ASIAN DREAM TEAM.

Business Life

Jelly invested in a business venture with Pheenic and started a grain company for their organization J.P. Companies, J.P. Grain, in Punjab, Pakistan. A day later the Pakistani government closed the company down as the government wished to control all companies in that region. Pheenic and Jelly sold the company for Icon - Gold.gif 20 GOLD and created a moving ticket company J.P. Moving Tickets in Orissa, India. After the Moving ticket industry crashed Jelly and Pheenic sold their company and used funds to buy a housing company in Indonesia. By mistake, the company was started in Arizona and after USA regained that territory they had to buy a license to sell in their newfound company location.

Jelly's personal business life extended to his owning a Q3 grain company in India called Q3 Insane Grain on the Brain. A dear friend, Arjaa Aine upon quitting gave Jelly9473 full access to his organization India Rising, complete with a Q5 Food company (later sold to the Indian Government) and a Q5 weapons/rifle company. Upon moving to the Philippines Jelly9473 decided to expand his business and open up a Q1 ticket company.

Political Life

When Jelly9473 first moved to India he joined India United (IU), (as it was the sole political party in the nation) but after a second party, India's Workers Party (later known as the Democratic Party of India, DPI), he immediately joined the new party. He was an active member of DPI and worked hard to increase the party's membership. After being elected Party president, and holding the title for around 10-15 days, he resigned from his position and DPI. He then switched back to IU.

While in Canada Jelly9473 never connected with a political party, although, it has been said that if he had to choose, CPP would be his home.

The Philippines Rebirth Party in the Phillippines (later renamed Bayanihan) was co-founded by Jelly9473 and Keegan Knoll.

Party Presidential Experiences

Jelly ran for party president of DPI. He ran against two other people named kansarasumit, and Pravar. Jelly came in second with nearly 35% of the votes under kansarasumit who received about 56%. Pravar finished with 9%. Even with the political setback Jelly had his eyes on a political life for the better of India and announced his candidacy for Party President a second time. In Jelly9473's second party presidential run, he won with nearly 67% of the votes and as a party.

Jelly held the title of Party President for 10-15 days, but then stepped down as Party President because of a personal annoyance with the party structure and realization that he knew no real separation between DPI and IU. One of his achievements in the party was successfully getting 13 DPI members into Congress with no PTO members.

In November 2009 Jelly ran, and successfully became the party president of India United and succeeded in helping keep India MAFIA free.

Jelly9473 has also been Party President of Bayanihan, the #1 Party in the Philippines at the time.

Congressional Terms

Jelly is a 14-times Congress member, but was unsuccessful during his first run. He served his first six terms in Orissa, India, except for one being in Maharashtra, India. His 7th election into Congress came from Palawan, Philippines.

Term as Indian President

Jelly9473 was elected President in February 2010 as the Valentine President. During his term in India, he successfully rented out Karnataka to the USA for Icon - Gold.gif 2700 GOLD over a time of 3 months. The Indian University Was created. The Lana Training Program was created, to help veterans, and a few newer players increase their fighting ability and reward them for their loyalty to the Indian armed forces.

Government Positions

Including being a Congressman and President, Jelly has served in a multitude of ministerial positions:


  • President of India
  • Head of the Indian Armed Forces - 1 Term
  • Secretary of State - 1 Term
  • Minister of Media and Culture - 2 Terms
  • Vice-Minister of Media and Culture - 1 Term
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - 1 Term
  • Head of the Indian Army Training and Gathering Team - 2 Terms
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - 1 Term
  • Indian Ambassador to Sol and Hungary - 4 terms


  • EDEN Media Rep for Canada - 2 terms
  • Ambassador to India, Singapore and Ireland - 2 terms
  • Deputy MoFA - 1 term


  • President of Philippines - 2 full terms; 1 interim term
  • MoFA - 3 terms
  • Chief of Staff - Half a term
  • Sol Chairman
  • ONE Vice-Commander

Additional notes

He has also served in the Internal Affairs Department, Anti-PTO team, Ministry of Expansion and the National Police Force. Jelly was the longest standing NPF member and has been a member since it was created under DonMogul and has served under BroodRoosterNL, Ashwamedh and Jay Kerliate in this field.

In addition to all the above positions, Jelly9473 was a member of the Philippines Rebirth, during which he worked with Multiple nations to free the Philippines from its oppressors, Indonesia.


Jelly9473 was the writer and editor of the Newspaper Smiley Times in which he wrote about his political beliefs and campaigns as well as his interests. The thing that made his paper most recognizable was the interviews he conducted with prominent and important citizens. Among others, Jelly has done interviews on Antonio Moutinho, Euphonix, Garabeda, dSoKre, Snayke, Charrito, Harrison Richardson, GLaDOS, Zoli, BattalGazi, Srachit, BroodRoosterNL, NicoSianipar... Smiley Times had over 1000 subscribers.

Jelly9473 was also mentioned in some interviews by others, like this one by sjohnfsdsxzzx.

Training Wars

  • Ireland USA war
  • Chile–Argentina War (Oct 2012) (Argentinian side)
  • Lithuania Latvia war (Latvian side)
  • India - China war (Indian side)
  • The Philippines - Malaysia war (Philippines side)

Official Wars

  • India - Iran war (Indian side)

Jelly9473, while having lived in India has only directly participated in the war between India and Iran in which many Indian Regions were returned and freed.

  • Philippines - Indonesia war (Philippines)

While in the Philippines, he participated in the war between the Philippines and Indonesia which led to the regions of the Philippines being returned and freed.


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