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Pacific-Asian Compact for Mutually-Assured Neutrality
Flag of Pacific-Asian Compact for Mutually-Assured Neutrality
Formation December 2nd, 2010
Type Defensive Alliance
Headquarters PACMAN HQ in Palawan, Philippines
Secretary-General Hekter
Members 3

PACMAN was a regional defensive alliance between the nations of Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia, the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines and Icon-Singapore.png Singapore which combines their military management into the Pacmen.

Charter of PACMAN

For the Charter of PACMAN, see Charter of PACMAN

History of PACMAN

PACMAN grew out of the SEA(South-East Asia) proposal, or the merging of Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore into one nation. Due to the troubles of citizenship, Resistance Wars, and costs, PACMAN was derived as achieving similar goals at a much lesser long-term cost with a unified military. The idea was born on November 29th, and by the end of the 30th, a charter had been written and submitted to the three nations' congresses.

On December 2nd, both the Philippines and Malaysia had signed the Charter, and are waiting on Singapore to do the same.


PACMAN has only one administrative role, the management of Pacmen, which is handled by the PACMAN Ministry of Defense.

Minister of Defense

Icon-Philippines.png Hekter


Member countries (pink)

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