EMalaysian Liberal Party

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eMalaysian Liberal Party

Party-eMalaysian Liberal Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Abbreviation eMLP
Colors Orange
Founded 16 August 2011
Dissolved December 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Fundamentalists Party
Succeeded By Maleyza Pijama Partisi
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

eMalaysian Liberal Party was a political party that was based in Icon-Malaysia.png eMalaysia. The party was often referred to as a third party as the party was politically small in eMalaysia. However, since Firebourne took over, the party had undergone massive restructuring. The party on 22nd August 2011 (Day 1371) had 40 members. The party was actively recruiting more members and intents to play a big role in eMalaysia's politics. Unfortunately, the party had fallen into the hands of a PTO-er, zemion by using multis, who later sold the party to a group of Turkish immigrants who were interested in PTO-ing eMalaysia.

Party's Aim

  • To provide proper check & balance
  • To take a stand against chauvinistic politics
  • To promote equality among all eMalaysians
  • To promote more diplomatic relations with other eNations
  • To ensure proper welfare structure is in place BUT balanced with economy freedom
  • To safeguard eMalaysia’s economic interests
  • To promote initiatives to secure good, solid & reliable MPPs
  • To ensure that extreme political beliefs are isolated by promoting political moderation


  • Originally founded as Parti Demokrat Sosial by Muhamud Al-Kataffo
  • At some point renamed to eMalaysian Intellectual Party[1]
  • Was renamed to Kelab Pencinta Alam by seanlam
  • Was renamed again to Kelab Peminat Seanlam by seanlam
  • sir arianfar FV took over and renamed the party to Fundamentalists Party
  • Firebourne took over in August 2011 and renamed the party to eMalaysian Liberal Party.
  • Party wins 6 seats in the Congress elections in August and has majority in the Congress.
  • zonveri become first President of Malaysia elected from eMLP.
  • Blitz Aegis took over as eMalaysian Liberal Party's second party president in September 2011.
  • Party wins 5 seats in the Congress elections in September, tied with Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia
  • Zemion PTO-ed the party in the party's third Party President elections in October 2011.
  • Zemion resigned as party president after he had sold the party to a group of Turkish immigrants.
  • DoOmHaMmEr takes over as party president after Zemion resigned as party president. The party is officially under the hands of Turkish PTO-ers.
  • Party wins 10 seats in the Congress elections in October, tied with two other parties.
  • Party wins 9 seats out of 20 in the Congress elections in November elections.