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Erwin Schauman

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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 6 September 2008
Date of death 2013 (est)
Residence Eastern Finland
Sex Male
President of Finland
5th February 2008 – 5th March 2009
Preceded by Pete1
Succeeded by Okkius Pyromanius
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
5th November 2008 – 5th January 2009
Succeeded by Sossu
5th March 2009 – 5th April 2009
Preceded by Sossu
Congress member of Finland
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Erwin Schauman felt the first rays of the Sun burn his newborn, pale, Finnish skin on the 6th of September 2008, during the last waves of the Great Rush.

At the time Finland was still part of the Norwegian Empire, having lost its indepedence after the Norway-Finland War in April. Schauman, like many other Finns, joined the game to fight the occupying Norwegian forces with the aim to free Finland.

Early days

As his first action as a new eCitizen of occupied Finland, Erwin Schauman bought a Hungarian Q1 weapon from the market with the intent of using it against the invader. Little did he know at the time that the first time the gun would see action was over a month later in Eastern Finland at the end of October in the first Battle for Finland's Independence.

During his early days, Erwin Schauman took part in the freedom movement by writing propaganda articles aimed against the occupying Norwegian government. After few weeks Schauman realized the futility of such methods as fighting hatred with hatred was counter-productive and only made the dreams of freedom harder to obtain. Schauman started to lean towards more peaceful solutions and tried to find common ground between the two nations, both which were being torn apart by the internal strife in the Empire.

War for Freedom

The negotitions between the Norwegian Government and the Finnish freedom fighters reached their conclusion on the 22nd of October, when the ex-President of Norway Forconin, who was much criticized by the Finnish freedom fighters for the removal of the State Treasury when Finns took over the Presidency, started a Resistance War in the Eastern Finland region. This incident brought the two nations closer together and began an era of cooperation and understanding between the Finns and the Norwegians.

After the succesful Battle for Finnish Independence in Eastern Finland, Schauman started to officially take part in the politics of Finland as a Congressman and as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. During his term in the office, Schauman restarted the negotiations with the Norwegians for further liberation of Finnish national provinces. These negotiations lead to the formation of the SPEAR'08 military exercise with the aim to provide both sides with military training and to unite the rest of the Finnish national provinces under the Finnish flag.

The exercise reached its conclusion with the liberation of Åland on the 6th of December 2008, which happened to be the Independence Day of the real world Finland.

Post-war activity

Schauman continued as the Foreign Minister of the new found Republic of Finland until the start of January, when he left the office to enjoy the life of a private citizen. During his last term he took part in the negotiations to make Finland a member of the ATLANTIS alliance, thus securing Finland's freedom for the future generations.


Schauman ran for Presidency for the first time on February the 5th, 2008. He was elected the President of Finland with 138 votes, receiving 44.84 % of all the votes given. Erwin Schauman survived the now traditional impeachment vote and continued to serve his term until the very end.

During his Presidency, Erwin Schauman actively sought to improve the conditions of the forgotten part of the eFinnish community: the citizens themselves. In order to achieve this, Mr. Schauman created the Ministry of Lulz, designed to provide entertainment to the players in the form of contests and other laughable activities. This idea was quickly adopted in the United Kingdom and is expected to become popular all around the world in the future.

Seeing how the Finnish citizens were becoming bored and were generally illprepared for military operations, Erwin Schauman negotiated the Anvil'09 military exercise with the Norwegians to activate the players, to increase their military potential and to reassure the Finns and Norwegians of the strong bonds they have build since the Time of Strife. Anvil'09 received praises on both sides of the border, and was given 100% support from the Norwegian and Finnish Congresses. The military exercise continues to this date, and is used to develop the economies of both Norway and Finland, as well as providing training during times of peace.

Erwin Schauman did not run for a second term in the office, and retired during the height of his popularity as a much celebrated President.


Although swearing not to continue his active career in the eFinnish politics, Mr. Schauman was pressured to accept the seat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs because of the extensive network of contacts he had build during his political career.

Schauman had been spotted in Romania, fighting in the Great Asiatic War against the Indonesian hordes to stop them from getting a foothold on the European soil. After the loss of the campaign, Mr. Schauman took a month long break from the game and donated all of his eEarthly possessions to charity.

Finland's declaratation of war on Latvia provoked Schauman to return to the game, and to fight against his own people in order to prevent the Finns from destroying the foundations on which eFinland was built on. This caused much controversy in the eFinnish community, and Erwin Schauman was hailed as a traitor to his country. Finland kept on pressing on, and eventually conquered the Latvian high grain region, which they continued to keep for a month before liberation forces pushed them out of Latvia forever.

Erwin Schauman still continues to criticise the operation as a diplomatic blunder, and as a doomed operation costing Finland hundreds of gold, not to mention international prestige.

Currently he's located in his retirement home in eSpain, enjoying the high salaries of the country. He still fervently fights against all forms of subjugation that threaten the sovereign status of another country.

Impact on the eFinnish culture

The trademark arctic fox picture Schauman uses ad nauseam as his profile picture is often depicted as a lucky charm for anyone running for an office in elections. Even today it is used by Presidential candidates as a humorous reference to the unproven claim that all that is needed to get elected is to have a cute arctic fox avatar.

Erwin Schauman is often perceived as a comical character in popular Finnish newspapers for his (acclaimed) cynicism, coldness, satire and straightforward way of saying things as they are. These humourous depictions of leaders can be explained by the traditional Finnish way of coping with stress and angst created by the inhospitable weather in Finland during the Winter, and should not be seen as a personal attack.

He is immortalized in the article Who murdered Count Schauman? Schauman was also the first one to write down parts of Finland's history in his newspaper article The Chronicles of Finland Vol 2