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Feeney Madden

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 542
Date of death 2010
Newspaper Death Star Chronical
PR Director of Federalist Party
June 2009 – August 2009
Ambassador of UK
June 2009 –
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Feeney Madden is a citizen of the USA.


Political Aspirations

Feeney Madden was born on Day 542 of The New World, in California and later moved to New Jersey to pursue an active political career and joined the Mentor-ship Program. Feeney was assigned Bill Brasky as his Mentor and spent the following weeks learning and studying The New World and in particular the USA.

After much consideration and research, Feeney joined the Federalist Party as he felt this party reflected his own personal views. Feeney spent the next several weeks becoming active within the party and the country to get familiar with the political scene, and in June 2009, he was handed 2 official roles. The PR Directors role of the Federalist Party, and as the US Ambassador to the UK.


During the invasion from PEACE on the USA, the political leaders agreed on a reshuffle on Congress to eliminate the possibility of a Political Take-Over of their own government, or an ally's. This has presented Feeney with an opportunity to further his political ambition by being selected to run for the Nebraska Congressional Seat in July 2009. Feeney ran a close election against current Senator Desertfalcon. Feeney lost the election in the last minute by 1 vote.

With the USA down to just 1 state, Florida; there were 9 congressional seats plus 2 wildcard positions to run for. Feeney was chosen to represent the Federalists in this state. With so many experienced and renowned citizens running for Florida, Feeney finished 4 places outside the Wildcard placements with 65 votes.

Official Roles

USA Ambassador

In June 2009, after a reshuffle of the USA Ambassador program, Feeney was accepted to become the US Ambassador to the UK. This was a difficult time in the relations between the USA and UK as alliances were being torn apart and accusations being bashed across both country citizens was creating a divide.

As an Ambassador, Feeney has been able to maintain close relationships with government officials which help spurned his political career.

PR Director

Once Fingerguns was appointed Party president of the Federalist Party, she quickly appointed Feeney to become her PR Director. With a keen eye for news and an ability to write persuasive political rhetoric, Feeney began his new position with the aim of reaching each and every Federalist member keeping them up to date with the latest news and events, as well as a comical side to eRep. On Day 639, Feeney resigned his position in the Federalists to focus on a couple of new opportunities at the national level

Presidential Campaign PR Director

NeilP99 / Ananias - September '09
After endorsing the National Reserves idea, NeilP99 invited Feeney to join his presidential campaign team, led by campaign manager Tepwnzor. Feeney's role was to develop the public image of Neil's campaign, mainly the graphic arts. This role was accepted because Neil was a great supporter of the National Reserves idea and because of the experience gained from working on a Presidential Election Campaign
Unfortunately, this role did not last a week, as NeilP99 decided to withdraw from the race and support Emerick.

Civilian Consultant on TD Reform

Once the National Reserves proposal became public, it caught the attention of the heads of the eUS Military Training Division, Relin and Angelini. The National Reserves Proposal had many similarities to a section of the TD Reform, and gave Feeney the opportunity to have some feedback about the way the TD would operate in the future. While consulting on the TD Reform, the National Reserves Proposal was still being discussed and implemented by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congress.


TNT is Feeney Madden's personal newspaper originally designed to be a tool to help fellow new eRepublik players settle and advance in The New World. Now, however, it has become an important voice in the continued diplomatic communication to the UK and USA citizens, as well as a source of information for the Congressional seat.

Important Links

On Day 640, TNT was renamed Death Star Chronicle to remove the connotations with being a Newbie.

Proposal: National Reserves

On Day 647, Feeney published his article on the idea of the development of a National Reserves system that would home graduates of the Training Division. The full article can be read HERE. It received wide spread support, and several key political players put their name to the Proposal as an Endorsement. The article reached 141 votes within the first 36 hours. The proposal made it's way into the Joint Chief of Staff's forum for discussion as well as Congress. Due to this idea, and the lobbying Feeney carried out, Feeney was offered two new roles. PR Director for NeilP99's Presidential Campaign and as a Civilian Consultant for the Training Division Reform.



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