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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth Dec 16, 2009
Day 757 of the New World
Date of death Sometime in 2017 (est)
Sex Female
President of Croatia
May 2012 – August 2012
Preceded by Olivaneksa
Succeeded by TOS101
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Aviator 4.png Aviator****

Frojla was a citizen of Icon-Croatia.png Croatia, Icon-Brazil.png Brazil and Icon-China.png China.


Frojla was a unique politician who served three consecutive terms as the President of Croatia, each time elected under another party (May - Savez Komunista eHrvatske, June - Krug 13 and July - Tuljanska Stranka). Another interesting fact is that she never served in Congress.

Frojla was also an assistant to Supreme Commander of Erepublik Defence & Economy Network.


Frojla was an active member of Croatian paramilitary unit Bojna za specijalna djelovanja.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x60)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x87)
Icon achievement Congress Member off.gif
Congress Member (x0)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x3)
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif
Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x53)
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x6)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x9)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x670)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary off.gif
Mercenary (x0)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x31)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)