Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot

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Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot

Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot.jpg

General Information
Disbanded 2011
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Colors Blue and white
Type Official army
Part of Finnish Army

Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot (Hasty Deployment Forces, abbreviation and nickname HTJ) was a unit in Finnish military. Unit consisted of regular Finland citizens who wanted to be part of the Finnish armed forces. Soldiers in this unit were not working for the military and they did not get food and arms support from the military like the soldiers in NTJ or PPr. Their fighting was coordinated only by giving a target to fight in during the day. A soldier in HTJ was expected to do a moderate amount of influence per day.


Hätäisen Toiminnan Joukot used to have four units. Each unit was government funded and had their own group leader. Soldiers were divided to the units by their strength and rank and the availability to change residence. The units were as follows:

  • Jääkärikomppania (Jäger unit)
  • Panssarintorjuntakomppania, PSTK (Anti-tank unit)
  • Kranaatinheitinkomppania, KRHK (Mortar unit)
  • Huoltokomppania (Service unit) (Doesn´t move)

HTJ was replaced by Northern Guerilla Division (NGD) in August 2010 after many soldiers of Finnish Army quit the game. HTJ was active for almost 1.5 years. Before the time of NGD HTJ was the lowest-ranking entry level unit in the Finnish Army

HTJ was re-established in January 2011 by avec, but it was later put to hiatus due to the lack of players. Later on, on eDay 1218 (22 March 2011) it was re-established again, but with a people's army concept. It is unsure when it was disbanded for sure, but it is believed it was sometimes in the summer 2011.


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