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Nationality Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungarian
Date of birth 07 February 2008 - Day 79
Date of death November 2009
Residence Heilongjiang
Sex Male
President of Hungary
July 1, 2008 – July 23, 2008
Regent of Hungary
July 23, 2008 – July 24, 2008
Prime Minister of Hungary
July 24, 2008 – August 1, 2008
Party president of Corvin Párt
June 16, 2008 – October?
Mayor of Budapest
April 21, 2008 – May 20, 2008
Preceded by Duck
Succeeded by Duck
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Haglee was a politician from Hungary. He ruled Hungary from July 2, 2008 - August 1, 2008. He was the party president of Corvin Párt.

Haglee had moved to Spain and was a member of Ciudadanos y Democracia.


Haglee was a member of HUN Elite Unit, military force in Hungary.


Szent Korona is the newspaper published by Haglee. It used to be published regularly, but there have been no new issues seen on newsstand for 8 months.