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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation HP
Newspaper S`emeq
Colors Gold, White, Blue
Founded January 16, 2015
Dissolved March 2015 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /37 seats, 0%
Succeeds New Israeli Future
Succeeded By Israeli Democratic Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Hasmoneans' party was an Israeli political party established on January 16, 2015. It succeeds New Israeli Future, which was ranked 6th in the national Israeli ranking. It was established by I am John Galt and its official party newspaper is his newspaper, "S`emeq".

The party's stated basic principles are "Land, Liberty and Sovereignty".[1]

The party published a constitution as well on its day of establishment.[2]


Security and foreign affairs

As understood from several writings of I am John Galt, the party's ideology centers around three core ideas, which are "Land", "Liberty" and "Sovereignty".

The idea of "sovereignty", as explained in one of the PP's articles [3] is a form of a militaristic view of world environment, in which the only reliable way to preserve a state's sovereignty, independence and freedom, is by the constant refueling of citizens' military training and "force".

The ideas of "Liberty" and "Land" will probably expanded in future articles.

As stated in the same article mentioned above, the party's view on alliances and peace agreements is, as well, militaristic. The PP views the acts of peace agreements will not be able to "preserve [Israel's sovereignty] in the long run".

Economic platform

As specified by the PP in Rufus1988's talk show "The Arena" [4], where he puts different people from the political spectrum in a public debate, the economic idea is close to the real-world idea of a free-market economy and economic liberalism.

Answering the question "Our economy is absolutely vulnerable. Does any chance to change? How we can make a competitive economy, where the entrepreneurs can do business, and where our worker get good salary. Which are the best tools to support the economic development? Tax policy? National subventions? Customs? What do you think?", IAJG (I am John Galt) answered that "I think... that the economic system in the game is complete load of c**p, but there is things we can do - we can give people the freedom to use money. Not increase tax - lure investors, lure people with money to create companies and create more jobs. The economy should be open completely and able anyone to invest his money in the economy".

He added, as well, thus "Not low taxes - regular taxes. The taxes that we have now are great, not too choking. The problem is not the citizen that is taken the money from, but that there are no people to take the money from. The problem is the lack of population and lack of investors. Raising taxes will drive people with money out instead of luring them in". [5]


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