Day 504 / 7 April 2009

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Military news

Icon-Norway.png Norway attempts to take back Moscow Region from Finland, which was earlier ceded to Icon-Finland.png Finland, reportedly as part of a deal to stop enemy aggression by landblocking them.

Urals and North Caucasus are both conquered by Icon-Romania.png Romania after the president of Norway retreats. Romania proceeds to attack Tibet and Sichuan, now held by Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, while forcibly taking Guangxi and Guizhou from Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan. Romania, a member of Icon-ATLANTIS.png ATLANTIS, continues to attack Icon-Norway.png Norway, politically taken over Norway by Hungary (a member of Icon-PEACE.png PEACE), by invading Volga Vyatka.

The US-Mexico training war continues as Baja is once again secured by Icon-USA.png USA.

Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia, seeking to divide the already battered Icon-Austria.png Austria, attacks Carinthia.

Pakistan-Indonesia War ends, Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan lost numerous regions to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia

Political news

whiteenergy, the President of Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia, was impeached following a proposal by Ohio. Following Westerberg's law proposal, Sudirman, the President of Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia, joins him and PowerSweden in the list of April presidents that have already been impeached.

Navy II defrauds the government of the Icon-USA.png USA by transferring a large sum of cash and gold from government reserves into his company account. Navy II then flees to Singapore and later Romania before admitting guilt and explaining that the theft was meant to "teach Congress a lesson."

Game news

The countries of Icon-Latvia.png Latvia, Icon-Estonia.png Estonia and Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania are being created as new regions are added:

Latvia: Kurzeme, Latgale, Vidzeme, Zemgale.

Estonia: Kesk-Eesti, Kirde-Eesti, Laane-Eesti, Louna-Eesti, Pohja-Eesti.

Lithuania: Dainava, Lithuanian Highland, Lithuania Minor, Samogitia, Sudovia.

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