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Early History

The Albanian population of the New World was mostly gathered in the United States due to its high resources and the friendly relationship among the two nations. An article released on September 18 (2011) by aLalban, one of the first Albanian players, brought more than 700 new Albanian players to the game.[1] After this successful baby boom the administrators of the game decided that Albania would be added to the game sometime in the future.

First days in the New World

After the administrators confirmed the decision to add Albania to the New World, the Albanian community started to organize so that the long awaited moment wouldn't catch them unprepared. It was obvious that the future orientation of the new state would have been pro-EDEN so that negotiations were carried out with EDEN countries who agreed to take Albania on their side. Albania was finally added to the map on November 11, 2011. A technical Congress was established and took care of internal matters during the first days of the new nation. All PTO attempts were successfully avoided thanks to the great work of the Albanian players and the help of administrators. The protection period granted to the new state was about 3 weeks. This made it nearly impossible for the youngest country in-game to avoid deletion from ONE superpowers. Nevertheless, Albania was back on the map soon after.

Fast growth

In its first months, Albania has experienced rapid growth. The country has had several baby booms and has reached the population of 7054 citizens, putting it in the 15th position worldwide.

The country has also grown militarily and has shown great organization on the battlefield. ILLYRIANS, the first elite MU of Albania was created in February 2012. Other important MU created for the organization of the Albanian Army were F.P.ZH which deals with the development of young players and Dardanians Elite. This military organization has been adapted very well to the new war module which introduced the divisions. First, Albania became part of GEA and was a trial member requesting membership in EDEN. Albania was accepted as a full member of EDEN on March 18, 2012[2].

The country has proudly given to the alliance one of its most honored citizens, 5 times Country President, Napoleon 54 who served as Supreme Commander of EDEN.

Spring 2012

Albania has experienced many invasions from its hostile neighbours but has always successfully managed to liberate its regions. The country was never been off the map for more than a couple of weeks. In May 2012, a NAP was signed with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) which remained in power for one month. Afterwards, the wars started again with its neighbours.

An important day which will be remembered by the Albanian community is the epic Battle of Kosovo against Serbia on day 1679 (25 June 2012). Kosovo was taken for the first time from the Serbian rule since it was added into the game. This battle was a great victory not only because it secured the congress for that month but also in terms of morale because of the emotional significance for both nations.


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