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Government of Albania
Government of Albania.jpg

General Information
Country AlbaniaAlbania
Headquarters Tirana
Established December 2011
President Griszly
Prime Minister mo dark

The Government of Albania is the executive branch and it is headed by the President of Albania. The President of Albania can delegate the Prime Minister to be the head of Government.

The Government answers exclusively to Congress, and in extreme cases, may vote a motion of removal of the President, withdrawing its confidence and forcing the Government to resign.

The following lists how the Albania Government has been formed from month to month. President decides what ministry should exist and their names, after his/her election.

*Source: Since 2019 onwards information was taken from Albania in-game Country administration list. (This list is updated every month and no past history is kept in-game)



February [1]

Position Name
Country President kushtrimzz
Vice President Kabesos
Minister of Defense BiG Serxhio
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kravenn
Minister of Education mo green
Governor Lilo1
Spokesman of the Government seljonialb


August [2]

Position Name
Country President kushtrimzz
Vice President festimbeqa
Minister of Economy PEYONI
Minister of Defense festimbeqa
Minister of Foreign Affairs gap2009
Minister of Emigration and Immigration Edward LoCo
Minister of Education aleand
Minister of Wiki Ififif
Minister of Interior Affairs ArlindXhakoli
Spokesman of the Government Dejzii94
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