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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivian
Date of birth 28 January 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Pando
Sex Male
Congressman of Ireland
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

ImperatorI was a citizen of Ireland.

He was immediately handpicked by Brian Boru as the commander of the 1st ASU of the revived Irish Volunteer Force (IVF), under Brian he set about recruitment drives to increase numbers of his unit. In addition to fighting in Salzburg for the Austrian rebels in a failed IVF vanguard mission and was temporarily based in Sicily he also conducted espionage activities in England during Malta_1990's regime, gathering information on the armed forces and radical political parties he deemed a threat to the security of his native island and most of eRepublik.

After serving in the UK he reunited with the IVF and his unit comrades on the Romanian front-lines with members of the IVF being given the choice to pick whatever side to fight on for training experience, Imperator chose the Romanian lines only out of convenience for medical facilities. When the Training War Crisis erupted in Éire he immediately retreated back to Éire with his unit to fight ATLANTIS in Rhode Island, unfortunately, the IDF was unable to take the US state and peace was signed soon afterwards after the trading crisis with the UK.

After becoming acquainted with the country president of the UK at the time, SaraDroz, Imperator was recommended by his new friend to be the Éireann ambassador to the UK under Eamon de Valera, the MoFA of Éire at the time.