Independence War of Turkey

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İndepence War of Turkey
Date 20 February 2013 –
8 March 2013
Location Anatolia
Result Turkish victory
Territorial Changes Bulgaria pushed out from Turkey
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey

Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan

Flag-Colombia.jpg Colombia
Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukraine
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Saudi Arabia.jpg Saudi Arabia
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria

Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Allies through MPPs:
Flag-North Macedonia.jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguay
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Turkey.jpg Hacoguz Flag-Bulgaria.jpg BDM


Icon-Turkey.png Turkey was fighting Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria for a long-time, in times when Bulgaria started to expand, firstly invading Icon-Russia.png Russia than crossing to the Middle East and Arabia. Icon-Serbia.png Serbia followed Bulgaria by crossing Anatolia and "landing" in Icon-Israel.png Israel also other Arab territories and punishing Icon-Greece.png Greece from here. Greeks hold out for a short-time but when Serbians attacked EDEN countries, Greece lost its territories one by one. From day 1900 of the New World, Bulgaria declared war on Turkey and they invaded two territories of Turkey at the same time, YunusCakir was the President of Turkey in these times. The Turkish economy was in chaos, because Turkey faced many invasions, and actually in Turkey-Russia War and World War V Turkey lost its old power. Around day 1900, tanks were so expensive and many citizen of Turkey couldn't buy food so they emigrated to Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Icon-Spain.png Spain, Icon-USA.png USA, and Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria. Also, there were many traitors which were fighting for Bulgaria in Turkish RWs.

On 31st January 2012, Turkey ruled half of the Arabia, but only in a one week Bulgaria captured 90% of Icon-Egypt.png Egypt and they punished Turkey and Greece from Arabia with Serbia. Greece crossed Egypt and landed on Arabia so EDEN forces colonized there and this was the reason why Bulgaria made MPP with Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png FYROM. When FYROM captured Greece's territories Bulgaria had more freedom to move around. On 1st February 2013 Bulgaria entered Anatolia from Black Sea and Mediterranean Coast of Turkey and their movements continued day by day. When Turkey succeed in recapturing Mediterranean Coast, FYROM attacked and crossed into Eastern Anatolia.

Turkey made MPP with Icon-Iran.png Iran, and after signing the MPP, Iran become a pro-EDEN country and declared war on FYROM. Iran attacked Eastern Anatolia, that was controlled by FYROM, and this foolish attack gave FYROM a reason to cross Iran territories. While FYROM was busy with Iran, Greeks found time to recapture their territories and then they attacked the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey and captured it as well. simsekcountr said: Greece entered Turkey again but now they aren't enemy, they entered here to protect us.

After the punishment of FYROM and the victory of Eastern Anatolia battle, YunusCakir started the Independence War of Turkey.

Hacoguz Became President

The Independence War started and it seemed Bulgaria will win this war, but they didn't win the Turkish presidential elections in March, and Hacoguz became president. Hacoguz started to make Turkish economy better, the minimum salary was Flag-Turkey.jpg 1.00 TRY in YunusCakir's period, and battled with damaged country, where Turkish soldiers didn't fight in battles and there were small stocks of tanks, food and money. Turkey hadn't any bonuses, so the productivity decreased and the first job of Hacoguz was to increase Turkish productivity and salaries.

End Of The War

Actually the war ended on 6th of March, Bulgaria had only one territory and Turkey attacked Varna, Burgas. Hacoguz broke the Bulgarian hegemony in Turkey, increased the economy and made the army better. On 8th of March, Turkey won the battle of Aegean Coast of Turkey and they pushed Bulgaria out on Day 1935. It was the end of the war, although Bulgaria attacked again, however without any success.

Results Of War