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Ireland First - Éireann Chéad

Party-Ireland First.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IF
Forum [1]
Founded Feb 13th 2008
Dissolved ~Summer 2009 (est)
President George Steinberg
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeds Peace and Good Life
Succeeded By Voter Apathy Party
Orientation Center-Left

Ireland First was a political party in Ireland. In the Summer of 2009, it had 68 members, and became the Voter Apathy Party. It had 26.32% of congress at this time.

Mission Statement

The original mission statement was:

Political views

  • We stand for a free democratic community which members votes are made by their own judgment.
  • Ireland is our common good. People of Ireland are responsible for it. We seek to increase awareness of this responsibility amongst the people of Ireland.
  • We see the government not as a ruler of Ireland, but as an administrator of the common good. Ireland belongs to its people.

Economical Views

  • People of Ireland have a right to engage in any economical activity they desire.
  • We do not believe that gathering of wealth should be a goal of its own. It is but a mean in building a better, stronger country.
  • We believe companies' are there not only to make money for their owners, but also to provide Irish people with goods they need.
  • We believe that the role of the state is to support and supplement the industry.
  • We believe that the state should support the average citizen who everyday supports the country's economy by his work.

Military views

  • We seek peace, therefore we believe that Irish participation in conflicts should only take place if there is a threat to Ireland or should it help make Ireland safer.
  • We believe Ireland should recognize and respect sovereignty of all nations.
  • We believe that all citizens of all Ireland should participate in the military effort when the need arises.

Previous Names

  • Peace and Good Life - changed to Ireland First on February 13th 2008

Party Presidents

As Peace and Good Life

Name From To
Hattrick November 20th 2007 January 10th 2008
Patton January 11th 2008 February 10th 2008

As Ireland First

Name From To
Michael Collins February 11th 2008 April 10th 2008
ImaNewbie April 11th 2008 September 10th 2008
Fionn September 11th 2008 September 26th 2008
Quatermass September 27th 2008 October 10th 2008
Final Destiny October 11th 2008 October 24th 2008
Michael Collins October 25th 2008 December 15th 2008
Ciaran CheXavier December 16th 2008 February 15th 2009
Top Gun February 16th 2009 May 15th 2009
George Steinberg May 16th 2009 June 15th 2009
Bryan O'Shea June 16th 2009 July 15th 2009
Pip Kelly July 16th 2009 August 2009


Name Mandate
Michael Collins 6th
Quatermass 2nd
Amroth1978 2nd
Torene Jones 2nd
Top Gun 2nd
Ciaran CheXavier 3rd
Irish Wolf 1st
Jim O'Malley 2nd
Krim Xephon 1st
Brian_Boru 3rd