Japanese Migration

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Japanese Migration


Also rarely referred to as the "Exodus of 970", the Japanese Migration was an event that occurred as a result of a series of political takeovers involving 4 parties in Japan. Although only two of the parties were active, the impact was still considerable.

On day 970, Alfred Ball began a PTO of the United Lolies of Japan(ULJ) in his bid to turn it into S.E.E.S. Nippon, the japanese SEES branch of a global political organization run by Emerick. His opponent was a loli-backed candidate named Akira, who subsequently lost the elections, thus closing the book on the ULJ's long political run. There was much debate in the forums over this, and much media coverage as the various active loli voiced thier outrage or support over the candidates takeover. Much of the ULJ has remained in Japan, and merely switched parties to the SOS Brigade. Many ULJ refugees still wear their ULJ avatars with pride.

The Black Knights was taken over against Yonsil after Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya lost the elections. Yonsil made his own media coverage prior to the event, claiming outrage over the ULJ pedo-kuma hunting squads and the alleged genocide by the lolies against "furrybears"(changed from the original title pedobears). Yonsil took over the party to make it a refugee camp for said "furrybears" so that they may 'have a sanctuary'.

A portion of the active population that left Japan scattered abroad as refugees. The largest group of refugees sought domicile in the Netherlands.

List of Known Migrants

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