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SOS Brigade

Party-SOS Brigade.png
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation SOS
National rank 6
Colors Ice Blue, Pink and Orange
Founded August 29 2009
President Dio Arachna
Members 3
Congress Occupancy 0 seats
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

This article is about the political party. For the organization, see SOS Brigade Org.

The SOS Brigade (Save eJapan by Overloading it with Something fun! Brigade) is a political party in Japan. The main goal for the party is to strive for neutrality in the New World and bring more activity to the game.

The party slightly changed the name into SOS Brigade eJapan.


The SOS Brigade started as a part of a larger social-political entity by the same name. The organization has begun in Japan, but it hoped to expand across all of eRepublik. The Organization is not led by Haruhism, nor is it a following of Haruhi Suzumiya. The SOS Brigade merely follows the same philosophy towards fun and activity as Haruhi did, and thus adopted the same name.


The party was formed out of the Cookie Party when its leader died from inactivity. Tohru, being the highest level, automatically became the party president and subsequently renamed the party. The next Party President elections, Faeyas ran and secured the Party presidency.

During our second Presidential election as a party, our party member Oraizan ran for and won the seat of President of Japan for the month of October 2009.

The Party was bobbing between rank 4, 5 and 6, mostly staying at rank 6 in Japan, until it was taken over and formed into a new party.

On October 16, 2012, the party was reformed by Oraizan under a new ID (3969). Oraizan was styled as the Brigade Chief.

The last known party president of that party was Kami Neko, serving in March 2015.

In September 2020 it was discovered that party has yet another change in their ID.


The "Declaration of Activity" was an article posting by the SOS Brigade Bulletin that marked the SOS Bridage's first Manifesto.

The SOS Brigade is the shortened version of our full name: Save the eWorld by Overloading it with Something fun! Brigade.

 We are exactly that. We are a group of players who feel that by overloading the New World with fun things that we will save it from slowly coming to a standstill that we will save players who would have left due to boredom, and that through keeping fun and activity levels high, that this game will continue to be fun to play. 
(article Declaration of Activity)

The Party's Ideology

The SOS Brigade has one value - maintain and protect: Activity

What is activity?

eRepublik is full of opportunities to exploit. The system is open for you to use as you like to accomplish what you like. There is this little box of things recommended that you do, but if you truly want to be active you need to break out of that little box. Two-clicking is boring. You come on once a day and click two buttons and you vanish. Eventually, a player who two-clicks will find something far more interesting to occupy their time. When they do they will leave eRepublik and we will be down a player.

If enough players do this eRepublik will become a graveyard.

Encouraging activity, means to encourage actions that will lead to people leaving the two clicking zone to see more of what is available to them, and eventually to show them something they like doing that interests them enough that they will stick around.

But even so, we all tend to get trapped by the biggest enemy of Activity: The box. The box is the thing your teachers have tried for years to encourage you to think out of. The box is made of the lines of rules and norms of what things are, how to use them, and how to act. In eRepublik the box tells you that your articles for your newspaper should be news-like, that there is a thing like “winning” in this game, that everyone should be in Congress if they want to play a role in the country, that you should really only look at the biggest parties to determine which party to join….

Newspapers can hold a variety of things! I know of a paper that publishes haikus! Others give orders! Your paper can be whatever you want it to be, even an erep journal or storybook!

If you only look to the biggest parties in the country you miss the variety… why would you limit yourself like that? If you want something politically and know where you stand why not try to make a party and make it powerful enough to do what you want? Congress is only part of the game. You can influence the well being of the state just as easily if you own a company or are a party president. There are multiple things to do and if you see congress as your only means, you are pigeon holing yourself from the possibilities!

Finally, can you win in life? What does that mean? Do you tick off the awards you can get? What after? Did you have fun? Realize the game isn’t over yet? Why not do what you want? To us gaining accomplishment in doing what you want, and going all the way to the top of your goals is winning.

Doing someone else’s goals will become boring when you realize you are doing something you would rather not be.

What are party goals?

The SOS has a simple three-step recipe for activity and we encourage all to follow it:

  1. Decide what you want to do
  2. Formulate a Plan on how to do it.
  3. Throw caution to the wind and do it.

But what if you fail? Well, then try again, maybe plan differently. Don’t give up and become cattle! The SOS believes that if you are truly active as described here, then you are more likely to be having fun. People who play a game and find they are having fun are likely to continue playing that game. Retaining players and having exciting things going on… what can be more fun than that? Mind, if playing in the box makes you happy… we are not about to take your toy away from you. Just have fun and stay active.

On top of it, you will have a party which gladly will help you move towards success next time!

Thoughts on Politics, the Military etc.

Ok so now that we’ve lectured you on ‘activity’ and how it involves shattering the box in favor of what you want to do… how exactly does the SOS apply this non-box stance to very box-like issues and concerns? First, it should be pointed out that the SOS brigade’s ultimate goal is to be global. After all, boring, dull, inactivity isn’t limited to one country. That said, we hope you understand that our ‘stances’ on ‘issues’ will be general.


Politics tends to get the rep of being the only place a player can be reasonably active without getting bored from repetition. This tends to be the case only because game mechanics favor it and very few players attempt to make other interests more interesting.

If you want to be in politics, do it. Understand what you are getting into and understand that politics is complicated, but just do it. A new voice is always good to have in the crowd of people who have been talking for months. Politics is a good starting ground for many players as it is the fastest way to get your feet wet, however it is also the slowest to progress seeing as you should be familiar with all other aspects of the game before going too far.

Politicians, as one of the most apparent icons to players stuck in two-click mode, need to be active. An active politician is likely to assist non active players by encouraging them to be active. Politicians are role models, we can’t risk leaders who are not around and who are not active on their own. Players who wish to be active should work hard to ensure such leaders are never appointed, or remain in place. Starting a political party after learning the ropes from another is a good way to create a force to back certain stances in the country. The more political parties the more variety for new players to join as well. It is a sad day when a political party is lost. However, with small countries, it should be understood that having -more- political parties only assists a PTO's success.


We support a general country MU system, where everybody gets support in a fair way. Be it outside of the game, or in it.

When an aspect is completely removed or people are left out, the potential for the activity for players who want to use that aspect to further themselves to their goals is lost. But wars cost money for the countries involved so it can’t always be helped. But those very players that like this aspect after being disappointing a few too many times, are likely to just walk off.

As such, military engagement, being one of the more erratic forms of activity available to players needs to become more frequent or more opportunistic. A more efficient military that will allow for more frequent training wars outside regular combat, will lead to a stronger country, and will assist in maintaining the players who are here to fight and level.


This is a game. Repeating, this is a game. If you like the gamble of putting forth money to create a business to earn you more money, then do it. Businesses are hard, there are many variables involved in starting one. It is best to research and have a player help advise you on your first company. A functioning economy allows for opportunities, a ‘stabilized’ economy limits opportunities, and a failing economy makes doing anything hard.


Being stable is a tricky phrase. It can be anything from a fancy word attempting to cover-up a country where activity is restricted to favor and maintain those in power. It can also mean a country where all the bare essentials are handled so that activity can thrive.

SOS supports the later.

If a country can meet its citizens' basic needs of food and money to buy that food, then citizens do not have to concern themselves with attempting to gain those needs and can instead focus on higher aspirations of activity and doing what they want. If a country gets into a mode where they do things because they have always done them rather than because it is for the best, activity is at risk.

Activity thrives in innovation, change, and betterment of a country. Maintaining the same old president the same old cabinet the same old congress will only lead to boredom. Those in power will get too comfortable and those with new ideas will be swept under the rug. Furthermore, it limits those who wish to obtain these positions from being able to obtain these goals. This becomes bothersome and annoying for such players and eventually, they will leave if they feel they never have a chance.

Thus, the party prefers a presidency and congress on all bases, which last 3-4 terms, although if the president meets the above criteria, not necessary.


So if the SOS is asking you to charge head first into something, what happens if you fail?

Well that’s the beauty of it. If you fail you have learned something and next time you are more likely to succeed. To quote a brilliant figure in American culture: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” or how else do you expect to learn anything? The SOS reasonably realizes that sometimes mistakes can get so big it’s hard to fix or get out of them. But that is part of why the SOS brigade is here. To form a community that can support each other when they run head first to their goals.

Staying Active

First of all, we are really small, so we are working on expanding membership. We understand people having goals that involve a political party other than ours so we have “non party” membership as an option. However, we hope that one day we will be a party that can handle any party based ambitions from our membership. We are not only looking in Japan, but across the New World for members, and we have a few satellite members in other countries that are doing their own thing to spread the wonderful vision of activity.

We are also hosting a series of events to promote players learning of the multiple ways they can use erep features ‘outside of the box’. We are striving to hold at least one event per month. These events also include contests. These contests give out minor prizes like q1 food and minor amounts of gold; basic things that can assist any player. The events also exist to help pull two-clickers out from hiding and to encourage general merriment via the main erepublik site. Plus they are a ton of fun and keep everyone from being bored, and encourage creativity as well as discussing and doing things as a community.

This is but one example of the many random acts of activity our members are capable of doing to change the New World.

Long term goals

It is no secret that the SOS wants to be global. But what exactly does this mean? Does this mean that we want to have the world under the SOS flag, our empire as pure as the land we see? Not by a long shot. Does this mean we are a budding alliance like PEACE or EDEN that will eventually decide that those not with us are against us? Please don’t make me laugh. What the SOS Brigade seeks is to have a party and or membership in every country in the New World. These groups will strive to keep their country active while seeking to obtain their own individual goals.

On the SOS Board (offsite forums), all the members from around the world can gather to discuss what is going on in other locations, and support each other globally. We seek a network that will allow for greater freedom and opportunity for activity, a greater support network to help those with their goals, and a group of players that will ensure that no country, regardless of its political stances, suffers from inactivity. Once this is reality, we in the SOS brigade believe eRepublik shall be saved from dying by inactivity.

Thus, our party will be open to members of any party in Japan, and abroad. However, not being present in the party requires the member to join the official SOS Brigade Forums.

A program for New Players[1]

Published in March 2015.

1. In this program you do different Missions and get reward by “Foxes”, why “Foxes”? Because they are cute.

2. You can exchange this “Foxes” for CC (Money) or Gold, twice in a month:

  • First time on the Training Grounds Discount to upgrade it – Exchange for Gold or CC in the amount of the gold, there is a limit.
  • Second time whenever you want – Exchange only for CC (Money), there is a limit.

3. If you want Upgrade Training Ground on the Discount Day but doesn’t have enough Gold for it even with Foxes, SOS Brigade can give you Gold for loan or CC in the amount of gold and you need return it back in next 30 Days (Before Next Discount), you can do it by give us your Foxes from Missions or “Real” Gold / CC.

4. If someone will take Gold and does not return it before the next Discount, he will add to a “Black List of SOS” and never get Foxes or Gold from SOS Brigade. If you Return a few of the gold and cannot return the remains, SOS Brigade can close on it eyes and give you more time.

5. You can’t Exchange Foxes for Gold or CC (Money), before you cover the entire loan you took.

6. This program available to citizens only until (and including) level 29, also if you are not a new citizen but your level is no higher than 29 you can be part of this program too.