John Vorsha

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John Vorsha

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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 20 September 2008.
Date of death 2010
Principle of Hrvatska Tajna Služba of Croatia
17.01.2009. –
Ambassador to Romania of Croatia
1 January 2009 –
Ambassador to Indonesia of Croatia
1 January 2009 – 10 February 2009
Congressman of Croatia
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia
5.4.2009. –
Preceded by Relic
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Early life

Vorsha was born in UK and after he heard that Croatians are struggling to get their country he came to help at the same day despite the fact that he had a good life in the UK. He was agent in the British MI6 but he was not the only one with this case. Further information about this is highly confidential.

After settling in South Africa and helping out by working and voting, he settled in Romania for a short period of time to secure his finances for the upcoming hard days.

New life in Croatia

At the beginning Vorsha started working for minimum wage so Croatian government could provide more food for new citizens. He also started his political career in newly created far-left party called Hrvatska Partija, which is now renamed to Hrvatska Stranka Radnika. He was also named as vice-president and people that were mainly from the party showed him trust by electing him for congress. While the number of members was growing, activity in the party was falling which was one of the main reasons why he decided to leave the party. The decision was not easy to make because he felt like he is letting people down, so he decided to stay while he is in congress because after all he was elected by Hrvatska Partija.

A fresh start

His new party was Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka which is center-left. That way he didn't have to give up his believes and had party members that were active. split1700, Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs showed him trust and gave him a place in Romanian and Indonesian embassy. While he remained in Romanian embassy he was replaced in Indonesian one by new Minister Relic. After he saw his good work he gave him a title of principle of Croatian secret service named Tajna Služba RH. He is still a principle there and he's trying to make Croatia a better place to live.

April 2009

Vorsha started his political career as ambassador so it was logical that he's aiming on Minister of Foreign Affairs position. The new president Roby Petric and CopyPaste071 made this dream real after choosing him for that position.