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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnian
Date of birth 21 April 2009
day 518
Date of death 30 November 2012
Day 1837[1]
Residence East Srpska Republic
Sex male
Ambassador to eSerbia of Bosnia and Herzegovina
6 September 2009 (est) – 14 September 2009[2]
Minister of Information of Bosnia and Herzegovina
6 September 2009 (est) – 14 September 2009[3]
Party president of Teokratska Stranka eBiH
Sep 15, 2009 – Oct 15, 2009 (est)
Preceded by Wudu
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kpcto was a true citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to him, bringer of peace and prosperity for all. He was born in the pre-baby boom in Serbia in the Sumadija region. When he arrived the chaos was upon Serbia and the county was on the brink of vanishing.

Early Life

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In the early life, he was trying hard to cope with the New World that was upon him. He fought valiantly in every battle until the aggressor was pushed away from Serbia territories.
After that, he has embraced his destiny and moved to BiH. The land flooded with hate and torn apart between two alliances, who we shall not speak of as they bring chaos and destruction to BiH.


Loving, Tender, Spreading word of neutrality, and always fighting hate and discrimination.

The Arrival to eBiH

After arrival to eBiH, he stated that he was come to lead the people to a better and prosperous place of peace and love. His plan was to disband the army, bring the country to one of the alliances (but he soon realize how stupid it was) and adding the wood industry to the BiH.

He could sense that he was not welcome - to the country he wanted only best and could give more than any citizen of the new world.


If you don't turn to politics, the politics will turn on you.

He first joined the weakest party in BiH, BH Patriotska Stranka. He tried hard to put all the people together and bring up a very serious program to the table, but in vain his party could not qualify for elections. The failure of this was that nationalism was very strong at the time.

He turns then to help his people how best he could, calming down situations and giving his analyses of various situation where he predicted fall of the BiH couple of time for political moves by ruling party[4].

His maybe two famous article against hate and nationalism are The wall of silence and Together util victory.

After that, he tried to do something to unite people. He gave them cause.

When eBiH stood together

Many don't remember this period of time. As for the ruling nationalist, it was a dark period! The time eBiH almost got wood!?

On Day 626 the fight has begun and all people joined the fight. The campaign was fierce and it hit hard on all ruling admins of the new world. The number of press coverage over the world on all languages, forum threads and various pulls gave us some edge. After the first push, we saw that we did not do enough.

So the second wave comes. The open letter for adding wood to BiH was translated into many languages and published in various newspapers. The point of attack on admin gods was the ticketing system. The attack was so well organized that it pulled hundreds of various people opening tickets requesting wood for BiH.

Bosnians felt that this was very successful. But during the night, the force of admin gods got the Kpcto and put him in jail for 7 days.

Theocratic Republic of eBiH

During the fight for the wood, Kpcto realized that the only path is to follow Dio Brando and become Theocrat. He joined with wudu and created the Teokratska Stranka eBiH party and get in touch with Dio Akira who blessed them and gave them the official status of the Theocratic party. wudu and Kpcto have organized a few battles and the most famous one was the battle for Chungcheongnam-do where BiH defeated Japan forces and created a new home for all Theocrats in the New World[5].

The Liberal party comes...

...and pushes BiH into the war which BiH will lose in the long run. After this Kpcto resigned all his positions and started printing publications into the world that BiH is PTO'ed as it really was a government at the time (with the President whose name will not be said) pushed us into one of two alliances without the consent of more than half of the population of BiH.

Game Over

The only thing he is glad is that Tinja, in the end, realized that he was wrong by supporting the current government which Tinja writes about on eBiH forum in 2010 long after Kpcto is gone.( [6])

Kpcto was last seen on Day 939 of the new world!

Best Friend in-game and Arch enemy


Return to the Game

On day 1829 Kpcto returns and by his words: "mistake!"


Went back to the hibernation on day 1837.