Luis Carlos Prestes

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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth Aug 09, 2008
Date of death 2009
Residence Bangkok
Newspaper Thailand RPNews
Party president of Thailand Reform Party
August 28, 2008 – December 2008
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Luis Carlos Prestes was a citizen, politician in Thailand and a citizen of Brazil.


Luis Carlos Prestes was born August 09, 2008. He became Brazilian citizen and soon started active politics life.


Later, he moved to Thailand, and joined on Thailand Reform Party.

Less than a week after the foundation of the party, Luis Carlos Prestes became it's first Party president. After becoming the Party President, he became exceptionally active in Thailand politics, uniting the opposition on Thailand.

During (September elections), he wanted to be the Thailand President, and his party received 7 seats at Congress.

President elections (Thailand) September 2008

Candidate Party Notes
Rockman 9 Thai Nation Together Winner
Luis Carlos Prestes Thailand Reform Party Runner-up
SpeedKing Par Lielu Latviju
virtual11 Defensive Democrat Sosial
Hasepoleth Thailand's Right Road

In October elections, he wanted to be the Thailand President again, and was the second most voted (TNT win 45 votes and TRP only 38). TRP got 11 seats in Congress.

In 2009, he joined Pattana Unity Party.

He created companies (TRP Food and TRP House) and started an active politics and media life.


He is a student of journalism and is very active. His newspaper were one of the country's most widely read.

He published an article 30 Proposals to change eThailand- TRP Presidential Campaign


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