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Nationality Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvian
Date of birth 24 July 2008
Date of death 2011
Newspaper Vecaas zinjas
President of Latvia
11 March 2010 – 5 April 2010
Minister of Culture of Latvia
6 July 2011 – present
Congress member of Latvia
26 July 2011 – present
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

SpeedKing is a citizen of Latvia.

He was born in Thailand, lived and worked there for part of his life.

For a long time he lived in Latvia, held various government posts and at one point was the president. For a few months he lived in the United Kingdom and then left the game. He returned in early 2011 and was Minister of Culture of Latvia.



SpeedKing was born in Central Thailand on 24 July 2008 (day 247 of the New World). He soon joined Par Lielu Latviju, the local Latvian party. During the first party president elections he became party president, succeeding its founder dzhammou. As time passed, the Latvian community in Thailand shrunk, however SpeedKing stood and became a congressman. He also was a candidate once during the presidential elections, but didn't receive a lot of votes.

During SpeedKing's lead, Par Lielu Partiju changed its name to Thailand Defence Party. The party became more and more respected and SpeedKing was appointed the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Jack Roberts cabinet. His job was to read news around the world and report to the president. In the following congress elections, TDP gained two more places in parliament. The party then announced it would support its member, former US president Korbin King's presidential campaign. It was supported by several major parties and he won the election.

SpeedKing later stepped down from being the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He then left TDP, went to Sweden for a short time, returned to Thailand and left the game.



A cartoon showing SpeedKing (top left) and Nameisis starting the army

When Latvia was established, SpeedKing returned to game, bought a ticket to Latvia and restarted his Life and political career. Because it was a new country and had a lot of gold and money, several takeover groups came. He joined the only real Latvian party, Par Dzimteni. Although his bid to become a member of the first congress failed, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs in Maaris cabinet. He did virtually nothing during this time and stepped down when the Finnish-Latvian war started.

He was elected in congress during the second elections. He left his congress seat when the war started but returned during the next elections. This time he was a candidate of Nacionāldemokrātu partija. He hasn't left the party since and has been elected in every single congress elections since then.

In July, SpeedKing started working in the Ministry of Defence. In September he was appointed Minister of War during Nameisis rule. In late October Nameisis stepped down due to lack of time for eRepublik, SpeedKing did the same a few days later but claimed he would stay in the party and candidate in the congress elections.


The logo of Ātrā vienība

He was mentioned as a potential candidate of NDP for presidential elections in November 2009 after Nameisis' resignation but he refused being even considered. Later that month he became NDP party president, succeeding Skazis.

Shortly after Kurzemes Karalis Kristaps won the presidential election, SpeedKing put up his candidacy for the post of Minister of Culture. A few days later he was confirmed in the new government. In the December congress elections SpeedKing lost and was not elected by a narrow margin. He returned to congress in January. After the presidential election he left his MoC post and became the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He decided to run for presidency in March elections but lost to hariboss. In a few days he resigned and was impeached so SpeedKing took his place. A few days later Dolaars took over from him as the president of NDP. SpeedKing didn't run for a second term so after the election he lost the presidency and for the first time since June was free to leave the country. He led a military unit called "Ātrā vienība" (English: Fast Unit), which was named after himself and had him as a mascot.


He then left NDP and along with some of his comrades created Latvijas Darba Partija (LDP), a social-democratic party. It was the only left-leaning party, as all the others were taken over in the past. Although he didn't intend to become the party president, he had to when the previous one resigned and nobody else wanted to be in that position. He continued to lead his military unit for some time until he had to admit he doesn't have enough time for that and gave it away to jaannis, who renamed it to "Black Marshals".

Although LDP never got near the Top 5, it sent its members (including SpeedKing) to other parties to run for congress. In April he ran from NDP and in May he ran from Kurzemes Kungu Klubs. He was elected both times. He also became the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of Nameisis on May 6. When Nameisis got impeached, SpeedKing retained his post in the cabinet of Kaspars09. He refused to hold any posts in the next government, but accepted the new president Amakatanav's offer to become the temporary Minister of Foreign Affairs, until Vetseke was appointed.

United Kingdom

Bored of the routine in Latvia, SpeedKing decided to try something new and moved to United Kingdom after the party president elections, in which nobody even applied for the presidency of LDP. He was given UK citizenship on June 17. He joined the Social Democratic Party immediately. After a month of getting experience, he ran for congress in North West of England and was elected. Disappointed with the party leadership, he joined most of his allies from SDP in The Real Democrats.

He applied for John Bartlett's cabinet before he was elected president. Although he wasn't chosen for any of the positions he applied for, he then decided to post his candidacy to become an assistant to the actual ministers. He was appointed both a part of the MoFA's Media Team and the underminister of Wiki in the MoHA Department of Entertainment.

In August PP elections, SpeedKing ran for TRD president to ensure there is opposition to the incumbent Artela. Although he won half of the votes Artela did, he received universal praise for his manifesto and after Nathan Slater left the country, was appointed the Vice President of The Real Democrats. In the congress elections, SpeedKing once again was elected in North West. Because TRD was still outside of Top 5, he ran from People's Coalition Party.

He abruptly left the game as soon as he realised that the United Kingdom didn't cure his boredom.

The return to Latvia

In December 2010 and January 2011 SpeedKing and Jezups von der Vucins, having randomly encountered each other on Skype, decided to return to eRepublik in February. SpeedKing revived his character and moved to his homeland on 13 February 2011, just in time to participate in the planning of a new turnip party. In a few days, Jezups and SpeedKing convinced Janohito to return as well. In an unrelated incident, Nameisis and Bumtease, two other experienced players, returned, leading some to believe that a hacker has collected all of their eRepublik accounts.

This was not true, however. On 16 February, a day after the PP election, RARA party was established and preparations for congress started immediately. The party had a solid start in the election and SpeedKing returned to the congress after being absent for nearly a year. Some ten days later he returned to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in the Nameisis cabinet. It should be noted that the election wouldn't have changed SpeedKing's fate, because the opposing candidate, pun1sher, also chose SpeedKing for MoFA.

The March congress elections were not as succesful for RARA and SpeedKing was among the congressmen who lost their place. It didn't change his place in the government: when Nameisis was elected for a second consecutive term, SpeedKing retained his post. The April election proved better for SpeedKing as he narrowly got a place in the congress. Nameisis refused to run for president in May but supported the Bumtease campaign. Bumtease, advised by SpeedKing, decided to create a Ministry of Information so that the MoFA would only be busy with his diplomatic duties, while gathering news would not be a part of his routine anymore. Because of these changes SpeedKing agreed to stay for a third month in a row, making this the longest time he has spent in the government. He was reelected in the congress in May. When Bumtease's term ended, though, he left the post and took a sabbatical month. Although he stood for congress in June, he wasn't elected. In July he became the Minister of Culture in the cabinet of kalvis3.


Various faces of SpeedKing

Although his first and longest used avatar was of a stick figure showing the letter "S" in semaphore, SpeedKing is most often depicted as a man with a long blue beard, blue glasses and a blue top hat. This depiction originated from his avatar in the eLatvian forum and his Skype profile. It is used whenever he is depicted in a cartoon dedicated to the Latvian history articles or even in propaganda posters during his presidential campaign and subsequent presidency.

He has used the stick figure avatar, various avatars depicting the blue beard man, his military unit avatar, and a Carebear avatar. He currently is using his military unit avatar with a face of Lavrenti Beria added at the bottom (permitted by the military unit avatar rules).


He was a partial owner of Nerevar Holdings and its assets, but since SpeedKing's return in 2011 all of the assets have been transferred to his account. SpeedKing is also the editor-in-chief of "Vecās ziņas", a newspaper concentrating on politics, publishing articles in Latvian (some of the articles have been written English only or mixed English/Latvian). It was called "The Old News" during his tenure in the United Kingdom. The newspaper has got around a thousand subscribers.

Political offices

Office Term
Party president of Thailand Defence Party 10 August 2008 – 23 December 2008
Congress member of Thailand 1 October 2008 – 25 January 2009
Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Thailand 6 November 2008 – 10 December 2008
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia 14 May 2009 – 8 June 2009
6 February 2010 – 8 March 2010
6 May 2010 – 5 June 2010
6 March 2011 – 5 June 2011
Congress member of Latvia 26 May 2009 – 8 June 2009
26 June 2009 – 25 December 2009
26 January 2010 – 11 March 2010
26 April 2010 – 16 May 2010
26 February 2010 – 25 March 2010
26 April 2011 – 25 June 2011
Minister of War of Latvia 17 September 2009 – 23 October 2009
Party president of Nacionāldemokrātu partija 16 November 2009 – 15 March 2010
Minister of Culture of Latvia 9 December 2009 – 5 February 2010
6 July 2010 – present
President of Latvia 11 March 2010 – 5 April 2010
Party president of Latvijas Darba partija 18 April 2010 – 16 June 2010
Congress member of United Kingdom 26 July 2010 – 25 September 2010

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Congress Member (x21)
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Country President (x1)
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Media Mogul (x1)
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Super Soldier (x19)
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