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Marie von Gablitz

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
National rank 10
Date of birth June 29 2009
Residence Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Sex Female
Political party Kilusang Bagong Pilipinas
Married to Widow
Newspaper Scream of the Banshee
4x Congresswoman of Austria
8x Congresswoman of Philippines
Congresswoman of Israel
January 26 2011 – February 25 2011
3x Congresswoman of India
Knesset of Israel
26 January 2011 – 2011
President of Philippines
September 6 2011 – October 5 2011
Preceded by sansae2
Succeeded by Hekter
Military unit MvG battalion
Squadron 1st Regiment
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 0.png Flight Lieutenant

Marie von Gablitz is a citizen of the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines.


Marie von Gablitz was born in Lower Austria region in Austria making her first life step's there. After a happy childhood, she moves in Styria where she decides to try the political life.

After a few months in Austria, she decided to leave Austria forever and she moved to the Philippines in February 2010.


First political achievements she had was representing Lower Austria in Austrian Congress. She represented this region four terms during the country presidency of Lynari and Rangeley. She was also serving as a finance assistant in the Austrian Ministry of Health. In Austrian Reformist Party, she was Vice President, Finance manager and party PR. Later she decided to go back into Congress of the Philippines under Jootli's presidency.

Marie has been three times congress member of Philippines, two times in Izrael's Knesset, two congress terms in Czechoslovakia and Congress representative of Maharashtra in India. In September 2011 she served as president of Philippines and two times as Vice president under Sigurd Aasen's and Daniel Samarin's presidency.


Marie has managed many companies in few countries since the beginning of the New World:

Due to the lack of economy module, all companies are closed or sold.


After the end of her political career in Austria, she was visiting and lived in other countries. Because better life standard's she was living in:

1. Icon-Austria.png Austria - born there and beginnings

2. Icon-Germany.png Germany - lived as a Austrian refugee

3. Icon-Spain.png Spain - better economic and military opportunities

4. Icon-Canada.png Canada - economic opportunities

5. Icon-France.png France - fighting in war

6. Icon-Poland.png Poland - visiting her e father

6. Icon-South Africa.png South Africa - honeymoon

7. Icon-Philippines.png Philippines - second home


Marie is a Goddess of War with over 120.000 strength. All the battle hero medals are gained by defending Philippines region Palawan. Two Resistance Medals for liberating Palawan and Visayas. She was a part of Austrian national army during the war between Spain and France but most of the time she was, and still is, a free fighter.

During her travelling she was a soldier in several private military units:

  • Fireskulls in Croatia
  • SCA in Croatia
  • Junji Batallion in the Philippines
  • Slavic Union Armed Forces in Slovakia
  • Black Cat Commandos in India
  • MvG Royal Army in the Philippines
  • MvG battalion in the Philippines

She was on a special army training and become an officer of New Combat Platoon in Israel Defense Forces and a dispatcher in the Indian army.

Relatives and Family

During her long life she made and have a very big family:

Home in Lower Austria



For communication with other citizens Marie uses IRC chat channels and Forums: