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Mr. Enya

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth Aug 02, 2011
Date of death Unknown
Newspaper The Meck-Pomm
Congress member of Germany
Chairman of Congress of Germany
Party president of Open Mind Germany
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Enyavar was a citizen of Icon-Germany.png Germany, Icon-USA.png USA and Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria.

Bio Button.jpgBiography

Enyavar was a German citizen, also living in the USA and Nigeria.

Icon-war.png Military

He was always a member of the state army of Germany - first in the AGA, then Bundeswehr and GFG (German Federal Guard) and finally the Fliegendes Suizid Kommando.

Icon position party member.gifPolitics

He was a Congressman in Germany several times and was elected many times to be chairman of the Congress Forum.

He had a seat in Congress from November 2011 to April 2012 and presided as chairman in January, March and April 2012.

In April/May 2012 he was also Party President of Open Mind Germany, the largest party in Germany.

He was ambassador of Germany to Austria since November 2011, and was three times the coordinator of the embassies for German MoFA (November 2011, March and April 2012).

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gifMedia

Enyavar is an author of "The MeckPomm" and publishes mostly news about statistics and guides. See the archive of his newspaper here.


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Freedom Fighter (x4)
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Hard Worker (x32)
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