Nazareth North District

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Nazareth North District

Icon-Israel.png Israel

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Nazareth North District
Map of the region
Capital Nazareth
Residents 52
Visitors 35
Language Hebrew
Moving zone B3
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Last update: December 1, 2018

Nazareth North District is a region in Israel and its capital is Nazareth.


It became party of Turkey as a result of the Turkey-Israel War. It was freed from Turkey on February 18, 2009.


Nazareth North District is neighbored by the following regions:

V1 productivity

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Local congressmen history

The following table lists the congressmen of the Nazareth North District in chronological order.

Date term began Congressman Party
26 November 2008 Sadeh Badeh The Jewish Unity
26 November 2008 kanuni Müdafaa-i Hukuk Cemiyeti
26 December 2008 Hayalet Tosbaga Cagdas Turkiye Partisi


The following table lists the mayors of the Nazareth North District in chronological order.

Date Mayor Party
21 July 2008 rockforce Kuvay-i_Milliye
21 August 2008 Bada Boom The Jewish Unity
21 September 2008 chichled Müdafaa-i Hukuk Cemiyeti